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PANH Helicopters
Class Helicopter
Max. passengers 13
Year of production 1993 lock icon Premium
Serial number 9003/004
Homebase URKK (KRR), Pashkovskiy
Cabin height 1.32 m
Cabin width 1.30 m
Cabin length 4.52 m
Ka-32T (transport) helicopter has unique qualities of fighting helicopters, i.e. maneuverability, simple piloting technique, high power-to-weight ratio, possibility to be stationed on the vessels, fastness of construction to the aggressive seawater. It possesses every advantages of the coaxial scheme and can be operated in any meteorological conditions.
It is intended for transportation of bulky freights on the external sling (up to 5000 kg), transportation's of people (up to 16 persons) and freights in a transport cabin (up to 3700 kg). The system of the external sling is mounted on a frame in a cargo compartment. The system of stabilization of freight on the external sling excludes its swinging and facilitates helicopter piloting. Around a doorway of a transport cabin the winding engine installation with remote control on a rotary arrow with load-carrying capacity of 300 kg is provided.