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Cessna Citation VII

Class Midsize
Max. passengers 7
Year of production 2000 lock icon PRO
Serial number 650-7117
Homebase LFMD (CEQ), Mandelieu
Cabin height 1.70 m
Cabin width 1.65 m
Cabin length 5.59 m
Luggage volume 1.53 m³
Last seen LEJR, Jerez
2019 refurbished
Satellite phone
The Cessna Citation VII is one of the first mid-sized, high-performance business jets produced by Cessna.
The Citation VII has an advertised max cruise speed of 480 knots. Improved Garrett TFE731-4R engines enable the aircraft to operate at higher-altitude airfields during hot and adverse weather conditions.
The first flight of the VII took place in February 1991. When production ended nine years later, 119 aircraft had been built.