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Piper PA-42-720 Cheyenne III

TrustAir Aviation
Class Light
Max. passengers 6
Year of production 1980 lock icon PRO
Serial number 42-8001011
Homebase LHPR (QGY), Gyor Per
Medical ramp
Adult critical care
The configuration is single - and double-stretcher + 1 seat for accompanying passenger

The Piper PA-42 Cheyenne turboprop aircraft with two engines is an ideal choice for medical air transports and business trips within our service range.
Our company has four of these elegantly shaped and versatile aircraft. This model has a pressurized cabin, which can sustain a normal atmospheric pressure. This feature not only makes the flight more comfortable for the passengers, but it is also an essential requirement for air medical air transport. Since all aircraft have a cargo door, it is easy to load cargo and move the stretchers. Aircraft are equipped with single or double stretchers, so we can transport two patients simultaneously if necessary. In business seat configuration the aircraft provides comfortable trips for 7, in shorter distances for 8 passengers.
Among small size jet aircraft used for air ambulance transports, the Piper Cheyenne’s cabin rivals the LearJet35’s and the Cessna Citation’s cabin dimensions. The Piper’s cabin size is even one meter longer., which – during patient transport – allows a more comfortable patient’s care and access in both (one-stretcher or double-stretcher) configurations. Our airplanes have uniquely wide doors.
The Piper Cheyenne’s cruising altitude is 24-28.000 feet (8-9 km), their speed is over 500 km/h, and their range is almost 1.800 km. They are very flexible to use, due to their short runway requirement, so we can choose the closest airport to our destination. These features also enable us to reach our destination comfortably, under optimal circumstances, and also at a reasonable cost. When taking into consideration the above characteristics, it’s clear that in European/Mediterranean locations jet aircraft don’t have significant advantages to the Pipers concerning speed and consequently, our aircraft provide an ideal choice both for the patient and transplant transports in the region.