Cessna Citation Bravo

Skyside GmbH
Class Light
Max. passengers 6
Year of production 2002 lock icon PRO
Serial number 550-1022
Homebase LOWW (VIE), Schwechat
Cabin height 1.43 m
Cabin width 1.49 m
Cabin length 4.88 m
Luggage volume 1.80 m³
Last seen LFPB, Le Bourget
2018 refurbished
Satellite phone
Pets allowed
The Citation Bravo offers the perfect balance between performance and cost. It is very versatile, as it has an excellent short runway capacity, offering accessibility to a high number of airports. Up to six passengers can travel in this comfortable light jet with a comparatively long range in its category.
The range with full fuel and a maximum take-off weight is 3’232 km. The aircraft achieves a cruise speed of up to 403 kt – true airspeed or 745 km/h.
The runway performance allows flights to and from airports with runway strips of 1’100 m. The aircraft climbs directly to an altitude of 7’620 m at maximum take-off weight in ten minutes and to 13’100 m in 32 minutes.
The cabin is heated, air-conditioned, and pressurised to a pressure differential of 8.8 psi using an engine bleed air pressurisation system. The nose, cabin and tail cone baggage compartments have a total capacity of 2 m³.