Learjet 35A

Aeromedevac Air Ambulance
Class Light
Max. passengers 2
Year of production 1981 lock icon PRO
Serial number 411
Homebase KSEE (SEE), Gillespie Field
Medical ramp
Adult critical care
Aeromedevac Air Ambulances are ALWAYS fully equipped for Intensive Care and Critical Care.
Patients with significant medical problems such as cardiac, stroke, cancer, respiratory failure, sudden onset or chronic disease.
Patients that are the victim of severe injuries from an auto or industrial accident, diving incident, burns, recreational activities, violence.
A patient traveling as a sitting passenger patient or stretcher passenger patient on airlines has a Medical Escort carrying a comprehensive medical kit and an oxygen generator. The medical kit has appropriate medications and general supplies for anticipated needs and the unanticipated during the flights and at airports. We can maintain Intravenous Infusions during airline medical escort services.
The Oxygen Generator replaces oxygen cylinders. Most airlines no longer provide medical oxygen service using cylinders, so, Aeromedevac provides an Oxygen Generator, a portable device that delivers oxygen in the airports and on the flights.