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Challenger 604

SAI Flight Service, Inc.
Class Heavy
Max. passengers 11
Year of production 2002 lock icon PRO
Serial number 5524
Homebase KGSP (GSP), Greenville Spartanburg Intl
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Wireless internet
Satellite phone
The Bombardier Challenger 600 series is a fleet of business jets known for delivering superior performance in the skies. With over 1,600 aircraft currently operational and 7.3 million hours flown across 4 million flights since its introduction to the market back in 1995, this remarkable family continues to be at the forefront of aviation technology today. In particular, The Challenger 604 variant has gained impressive traction with more than 4 million flying hours completed - boasting an unbeatable dispatch reliability rate exceeding 99%. Equipped with General Electric CF34-3B engines featuring 8792 pounds of thrust capabilities along with updated undercarriage design allowing heavier takeoff & landing weights; Rockwell Collins PrecisionPlus avionics arming it further as well as cabin volume measuring up to 1,150 cubic feet and a seating capacity that can go all way up to nine passengers! They make this machine a genuinely formidable contender for the charter marketplace, making journeys happen without fail again and again!