Challenger 300

Best Jets Int.
Class Super midsize
Max. passengers 10
Year of production 2007 lock icon PRO
Serial number 20156
Homebase KMSP (MSP), Minneapolis St Paul Intl Wold
Cabin height 1.85 m
Cabin width 2.19 m
Cabin length 8.72 m
Luggage volume 3.00 m³
3 divan seats
Wireless internet
The Challenger 300 is a super-midsize jet available for charter out of our Minnesota facility. Dependable and elegant, coast-to-coast travel is a breeze inside the popular Challenger 300's wide and comfortable cabin. Best Jets Challenger 300's are equipped with free WiFi and can fly 5-6 hours non-stop. This aircraft is the perfect choice for domestic and international, business or family trips.

Cabin Size: 23.7ft length x 7.2ft width x 6.1ft height
Passenger Seating: 10
Flight Range: 3,100 nautical miles
Cruise Speed: 530 mph