Cessna Citation Bravo

Jet Air Inc.
Class Light
Max. passengers 8
Year of production 2006 lock icon PRO
Serial number 550-1133
Homebase KGBG (GBG), Galesburg Mun
Cabin height 1.43 m
Cabin width 1.49 m
Cabin length 4.88 m
Luggage volume 1.80 m³
Last seen KIOW, Iowa City Mun
The Cessna Citation is one of the best-selling jet brands because of its safety and reliability. Jet Air’s fleet is built on straight-wing Citations that can safely use smaller runways inaccessible by airlines, getting our clients closer to their destinations, saving time.
A modern spin on a proven design, the Bravo is a direct upgrade from the popular Citation II. It offers a quieter cabin, trailing-link landing gear, and more powerful and efficient engines.
The Bravo offers unmatched versatility in terms of range and passenger-carrying capability for the “light jet” class.