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Cirrus SR22

Class Light
Year of production 2019 lock icon PRO
Serial number 1848
Total flight hours 1242
GTS - Includes Cirrus Executive, Cirrus Awareness, Cirrus Advantage, Certified Flight Into Known Ice, Platinum Appearance, Air Conditioning, Tanks Pre-Heater.


Total Time: 1,242.9
Airframe Notes: Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®)
Airbag Seatbelts (Front Seats)
Single Movement Power Lever
Dual Side Yoke
Four USB Power Ports
Hartzell 3-Blade Lightweight Composite Propeller Advanced Wheel Fairings
High Performance Brakes
Tubeless Tires
Interior/Exterior Ambient Convenience Lighting Surface Illumination Lights
Remote Keyless Entry
SpectraTM Wingtip Lighting
Built-in Oxygen System
60/40 Flex SeatingTM Seats up to 5
Standard Leather Interior
UV Protected Windows


Engine 1 Time: 1,242.9 SNEW
Engine TBO: 2,200
Engine Notes: Continental TSIO-550K-1B (315HP Turbocharged), SN# 1036683 (2200 TBO)


Avionics/Radios: Cirrus Perspective by Garmin Cockpit
Synthetic Vision Technology
12" Screens with Chartview and Surface Watch
GMA 350C All Digital Bluebtooth Audio Panel
QWERTY Keyboard Controller
Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
Engine & Fuel Monitoring
Garmin Pilot ADS-B Out Transponder
ADS-B in Weather & Traffic
FliteCharts & SafeTaxi
Digital 4-in-1 Staby Instrument
Sirius XM Weather & Audio
Garmin Flight Stream 510
GFC 700 Autopilot including Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP), Dual ADAHRS, Hypoxia Check/Automated Descent Mode, Blue Level Button Autopilot Stall Protection


Inspection Status: No known current or historical damage

Annual Inspection Accomplished 12/14/23
Compressions: 70/80, 73/80, 74/80, 76/80, 71/80, 71/80.


Interior Notes: Platinum Appearance: A true sense of traditional, elegant, and luxurious style is captured in the Platinum Appearance design suite. Nickel vents and solid Nickel color premium leather bolstered seats provide the perfect finishing touches to complement this stylish aesthetic.


Exterior Notes: Platinum Appearance Package: Platinum Appearance: Polished Spinner, Sterling Silver and Athens Blue


Additional Equipment: Cirrus Executive: Bring must-have jet features to your Cirrus SR Series aircraft. Yaw Damper provides cruising comfort for pilot and passengers, reduces pilot workload and enables true three-axis autopilot functionality. The Enhanced Vision System (EVS) leverages infrared imaging technology to display what the human eye cannot see. Gain peace of mind in night and low-visibility conditions knowing cloud tops & build-ups, surrounding terrain, runway obstacles, taxiways and surface markings are clearly visible on the MFD.
Cirrus Awareness: Get the complete picture. Active Traffic enhances the standard ADS-B In Traffic with active interrogation of nearby transponder equipped aircraft to create a 360° zone of detection and awareness around the aircraft and provides visual and ATC-like audio alerts to potential traffic hazards. eTAWS2 TAWS-B terrain warning system calculates predictive terrain avoidance guidance based on your flight path, visually and aurally alerting the pilot if terrain threats loom ahead.
Cirrus Advantage: Upgrade to 12” screens for tremendous situational awareness and 35% more screen real estate over the standard 10” screens. Always know where you are on approach or on the airport itself with ChartView (geo-referenced Jeppesen published electronic charts) and one year of navigation data subscriptions. SurfaceWatchTM2 monitors your aircraft’s position on the ground providing enhanced situational awareness through aural and visual alerts to the pilot throughout the airport terminal environment.
Certified Flight Into Known Ice: Increase your flying flexibility and capability with the Cirrus Known Ice Protection System. Not an STC or an afterthought, this TKS- based system was uniquely engineered to include innovative features such as dual windshield sprayers that ensure landing visibility, dual TKS fluid tanks with automatic tank switching and three TKS flow rate options to cover every condition. More impressive is the full integration with the Cirrus Perspective cockpit providing ready access to TKS fluid duration and range information and all System Operating Parameters. Finally, this package also guarantees your aircraft is ready for colder weather flying and maximized engine life with a Tanis Avionics & Engine Pre-Heater.
Air Conditioning: ($29,900 New)