Class Ultra long range
Max. passengers 12
Year of production 2001 lock icon PRO
Serial number 191
Homebase KVNY (VNY), Van Nuys
Cabin height 1.88 m
Cabin width 2.34 m
Cabin length 10.11 m
Beds (sleeping places): 5 (6)
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Wireless internet
Satellite phone
With the highest performance capabilities and innovative technology, the Dassault Falcon 900C stands out proudly as one of the finest intercontinental business jets.
The Dassault Falcon 900C can easily reach speeds as high as Mach .84 and reach a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet and travel in style.
Stay connected on the go with WiFi (domestic U.S.), phone (domestic U.S. & international) and Gogo Text & Talk. Passenger entertainment includes airshow moving map, TV monitors, and power outlets.