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Learjet 60

JetSelect Aviation
Class Midsize
Max. passengers 8
Year of production 1995 lock icon Premium
Serial number 064
Homebase KFXE (FXE), Ft Lauderdale Executive
Cabin height 1.74 m
Cabin width 1.81 m
Cabin length 5.39 m
Luggage volume 1.36 m³
Last seen KFXE, Ft Lauderdale Executive
Wireless internet
Satellite phone
The Lear 60 is a popular mid-size jet well known for its speed and long-range capability as well as its ability to fly at higher altitudes providing passengers a smoother ride. The Lear 60 can comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers, has a cruising speed of 525 miles per hour, a coast to coast range of 2,550 miles and 59 cubic feet of baggage compartment space.