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Challenger 300

Elite Air, Inc.
Class Super midsize
Max. passengers 9
Year of production 2000 lock icon PRO
Serial number FL-298
Homebase KTPA (TPA), Tampa Intl
The King Air 350 is the practical and more economical alternative to the light jet. This aircraft has the most up to date avionics and software upgrades to add to the already superior safety rating amongst other turboprop aircraft.
This aircraft seats 9 comfortably with 8 individual Captain’s chairs in the main cabin and the 9th lavatory seat. The King Air 350 is the most spacious in its class and offers ample luggage space in the aft luggage compartment and the Raisbeck wing lockers. The aircraft is actually larger and roomier than most light jets with only a slight difference in overall cruising speed.
With a range of over 1800 nautical miles flying at more than 300 mph this is the perfect aircraft for short to medium range missions.