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Cessna 414A

MedCare EMS
Class Light
Max. passengers 4
Year of production 1973 lock icon PRO
Serial number 414-0383
Homebase KFTW (FTW), Fort Worth Meacham Intl
Medical ramp
The Cessna 414 is the ideal mid-range aero medical vehicle. This specific class of airplanes is one of the most commonly used air ambulances in the industry because of its dependability, spacious interior, and economic value. The airplane is configured with two Continental 310 horsepower engines. The Cessna 414 is capable of flying from Dallas/Fort Worth to Kansas City in less than 2 hours.
– Turbo-Charged Twin Engine
– Seats Three + Patient
– Pressurized
– Large Cabin
– Weather Avoidance Technology
– 30,000 Foot Service Ceiling
– 250+ MPH Cruise


Air Ambulance Equipment Includes:
-FAA Approved Air Ambulance Stretcher
-Emergency Drugs
-Pulse Oximeter
-Cardiac Monitors
-Oropharyneal Airways
-IV Pumps & Solutions
-Blood Pressure Cuffs
-Oxygen Supplies
-Portable Suction Units
-Intubations Equipment
-Respirator / Ventilator
-Bag-Valve Mask Resuscitators