Class Helicopter
Max. passengers 3
Year of production 2004 lock icon PRO
Serial number 1388
Homebase LSZB (BRN), Belp
Together with our partner and airport operator Flugschule Eichenberger AG we are now able to offer one of the most cost-efficient four-seater for flight training. Be it private pilot or commercial pilot training, the R44 is the ideal learner and charter machine.
Seats - 1 Pilot, 3 passengers
Max. T/O mass - 1'089 kg; 2'400 lbs
Max. Airspeed - 209 km/h; 113 kts
Max. Range - ca. 555 km; 300 nm
Max. Altitude - 4'267 m; 14'000 ft
Engine - Kolbenmotor Lycoming O-540
Power - 225 PS