Falcon 900EX

Airlec Air Espace
Class Ultra long range
Max. passengers 14
Year of production 2000 lock icon PRO
Serial number 073
Homebase LFBD (BOD), Bordeaux Merignac
Cabin height 1.88 m
Cabin width 2.35 m
Cabin length 11.76 m
Luggage volume 3.60 m³
Last seen KBOS, General Edward Lawrence Logan
Medical ramp
Adult critical care
The Dassault Falcon 900, commonly abbreviated as the F900, is a French-built corporate trijet aircraft made by Dassault Aviation. As the first of its kind, Airlec has fully converted its Falcon 900 EX into an Air Ambulance Aircraft, serving the global long-range market with uncomparable performance and safety. The Aircraft can transport multiple stretcher patients as well as sitting patients at once. In addition it allows for difficult medical techniques onboard to be performed.

Speed: 470 kts
Range: 4,500 nm + reserves
Capacity: up to 4 stretchers plus seats
Additional infos: 188cm cabin height, in-aircraft toilet & lavatory, suitable for multiple patient transports, patient loading ramp, oceanic and remote area approved