Pilatus PC-12/47 NG

Air Independence
Class Light
Max. passengers 8
Year of production 2019 lock icon PRO
Serial number 1890
Homebase EDDM (MUC), Munich
Cabin height 1.47 m
Luggage volume 1.13 m³
Last seen EDMO, Oberpfaffenhofen
The PC-12 is the plane with the smallest CO2-emission among all the business aircraft, which makes our operation unique. Overall, PC-12 aircraft have more than 7 million flight hours, proving that in terms of security, reliability and sustainability, the PC-12 is the business aircraft at the top of its class.
Regardless of the weather outside, the PC-12 high-end cockpit ensures your flights reach the destination in comfort and ease. We can offer you all of these features in the most sustainable flight experience at full luxury.
Crew: 2
Range: up to 3,000 km
Cruising Speed: 500 Km/h
Cabin height: 1.47 m
Baggage volume: 0.97 m³
Take off: from 900 m