Beechcraft 1900D

Private Wings
Class Airliner
Max. passengers 19
Year of production 1996 lock icon PRO
Serial number UE-224
Homebase EDVE (BWE), Braunschweig-Wolfsburg
Cabin height 1.80 m
Cabin width 1.37 m
Cabin length 10.34 m
Last seen LKPR, Ruzyne
The Beech 1900D Airliner is the ideal aircraft in the category up to 19 passengers. The high flexibility in its area of use makes this aircraft a small airliner. In the production period, more than 690 aircraft of this type were built.
High levels of reliability, ample cabin, and headroom, as well as an extra cargo hold, enable a comfortable and fast journey. Thanks to the further development of the Beech 1900 to the Beech 1900D, passengers can benefit from a raised cabin ceiling with a height of 1,82 m.
No other plane in this class flies farther, faster and with such a high weight capacity.