Cessna Citation II

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Cabin: h: 1.49m / w: 1.46m / l: 4.88m
Luggage volume: 2.16m³
The Cessna Citation II was the first of the Model 550 series of Citation jets, which are light corporate jet built by Cessna. A direct development of the Citation I, the Citation II led to the later development of the Citation II/SP, the S550 Citation S/II, and the Citation Bravo. The Citation II was also used by the United States Navy under the designation T-47A for radar system training.
The Citation II, Model 550, was a direct development from the Citation I. The earlier aircraft's success in the market led Cessna to believe there was demand for a larger aircraft that utilized the same design philosophy. The result was the Citation II, which had a maximum seating capacity of 10. In ambulance version the aircraft has the capacity for one ICU patient.
max. passengers 3
year of production 1981
serial number 550-0189