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Dornier 328 Jet

Private Wings
Class Airliner
Max. passengers 32
Year of production 1997 lock icon PRO
Serial number 3090
Homebase ETSI (IGS), Manching
The Dornier 328-100 is a proven aircraft. The further development of the former Dornier 228 had already begun in 1988. The maiden flight of the new aircraft model Dornier 328-100 took place in 1991 and the certification in 1993. There are around 100 aircraft in operation worldwide. We have been relying on this aircraft model since 2003.
The Dornier 328 is the best choice for carrying up to 32 passengers. The highly comfortable cabin of the generously sized High-Speed-Turboprop offers ample headroom and seats with good legroom. Thanks to a novel noise protection technology, you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing journey.
The use of the most modern building materials makes these turboprops nearly as fast as small jets. Additionally, our aircraft are RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum) approved, which means an increased range due to the ability to fly in higher air layers. Thanks to their excellent start and landing performance, the Dornier 328 is able to land on short airfields with ease.

Cruise speed max. - 620 km/h (max. 340 kts)
Crew - 2 commercial pilots and 1 flight attendant
Lavatory available
Approvals - VFR, IFR, CAT II, RVSM, LVTO