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Falcon 7X

Air Hamburg
Class Ultra long range
Max. passengers 12
Year of production 2012 lock icon PRO
Serial number 181
Homebase LFPB (LBG), Le Bourget
6 divan seats
Beds (sleeping places): 5 (6)
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Wireless internet
Satellite phone
Entertainment system
The 7X is an aerodynamic and uniquely elegant aircraft. The swept-wing profile gives the aircraft unrivalled performance, especially on short runway airports. The cabin of the French aircraft has three separate cabin areas. Its advanced cabin pressure system and cutting-edge acoustic engineering ensure guests will always arrive feeling relaxed.
Range: 5,950 nm
Maximum cruise speed: 502 kt
Certified ceiling: 51,000 ft
Maximum cabin altitude: 6,000 ft


Daytime arrangement: 8 single seats, conference
group with 4 single seats, 2 divan with 3 seats each
Nighttime arrangement: 6 berths
Galley incl. microwave, convention oven, fridge & chiller
Fully enclosed pocket door to separate the cabin into two parts
Full refreshment center
Fully enclosed aft & forward lavatories
Cabin length: 39,7 ft
Cabin height: 6,2 ft
Cabin width: 7,8 ft
Baggage capacity: 155 ft³


Forward and after LCD monitor
Cabin inflight entertainment / Dual DVD player
External video camera system
WiFi on board
PC interface
Wireless SAT phone