Challenger 605

Aurora Jet Partners
Divan seats: 4
Cabin: h: 1.87m / w: 2.49m / l: 8.61m
Luggage volume: 3.25m³
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Next-generation by design, the Bombardier Challenger 605 wide-body business jet was built in response to the needs and necessities of pilots and business leaders alike. Now even more spacious than before, the aircraft is designed with more business, relaxation, and entertainment flexibility than any other large business jet.
The Challenger 605 has a cabin measuring 8 feet wide with over 6 feet of headroom throughout the flat-floor cabin. Benefits derived from the 25-year-plus Bombardier Regional Jet program are felt in every aspect, with increased payload and range capacity and superior airliner maintainability.
max. passengers 12
year of production 2010
serial number 5789