Class Helicopter
Max. passengers 6
Year of production 2002 lock icon PRO
Serial number 53514
Homebase CYVC (YVC), Barber Field
Our Bell 407. Built-in 2002, this machine was first owned privately, flown conservatively and serviced by Bell service centers.
Arrowhead Helicopters later purchased it in 2013 and it has proven itself to be a very reliable, fast and powerful machine. Continuous maintenance and inspections ensure that we minimize any chance of break-downs and "down-days" resulting in loss of time and money to our customers. We have invested in several optional equipment items to assist in providing our customers with a safer more reliable helicopter than the standard Bell 407.
-Gross Weight Internal 5250 LBS. / 2386 KGS
-Gross Weight External 6000 LBS. / 2727 KGS
-Cargo Hook Limitations 2650 LBS. / 1205 KGS
-Range 330 NM / 528 KM
-Cruise Speed 125 KN / 232 KPH
-Fuel Burn 36 - 42 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) 136 - 159 LPH (Liters Per Hour)
-Fuel Type Jet A/B


-Upgraded Engine air filter system, Provides better filtration of fine particles than the original Bell particle separator. Great for the sandy/dusty conditions.
-Tanis Pre-Heat system, provides heat to vital components of the aircraft while it is parked for long periods of time to assist in winter operations.
-TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) Installed for additional safety and aircraft situational awareness.
-Auxillary Fuel Kit, Adds 20 more Gallons of fuel for extended range
-Pilot Bubble Window, allows pilot better visibilty for long-line/slinging operations
-Bleed Air Heater, Very warm forced air heater, less window frosting in winter operations
-Air conditioning
-Programmable VHF / FM TFM-138 Radio
-GPS tracking system: provides flight followers and ground crew the ability to continuously monitor the position, altitude and airspeed of the helicopter on a computer or smartphone
-Iridium Satellite Phone, Aircraft has 24/7 communications with Arrowhead Helicopters Operations Headquarters
-Passenger photo window: provides a large enough opening for a camera lens to protrude out the window to reduce the glare caused by the plastic
-300 lbs Limit External Cargo Basket, More room for luggage, provides storage for long/awkward items and great for placing dangerous items out of the cabin
-Medevac stretcher kit