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Bo 105

Princely Jets
Class Helicopter
Max. passengers 3
Year of production 1989 lock icon PRO
Serial number S-819
Homebase OPKC (KHI), Jinnah Intl
The next generation EC130 B4 is a lightweight, single-engine helicopter equipped with latest technology that leads in attaining efficiency with the assurance of fast and safe air travels. This high-tech helicopter has a spacious modular cabin that can accommodate upto 7 passengers along with 1 pilot.
With a tail rotor and an automatic structure for controlling rotor speed, the BO-105 performs at a minimal noise level. Furthermore, it has integrated VFR equipment and a Global Positioning System (GPS) that enables it to easily conduct both day and night missions.
A flying that promises great visibility, tranquility, comfort, optimized performance can very easily be achieved using this helicopter type .Its services can be classified in terms of fire filtering, passenger transportation and law enforcement and utility missions.