Airbus ACJ330neo

Airbus Corporate Jets
Class VIP airliner
Cabin height 2.41 m
Cabin width 5.26 m
Cabin length 45.00 m
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Wireless internet
Satellite phone
Entertainment system
Offers proven capability and nonstop to the world range

The A330neo, which combines new-generation engines, aerodynamic and other improvements to deliver even more comfort, efficiency and true nonstop to the world range. Designed for highly-demanding VIP and private markets, the aircraft delivers top-end luxury, comfort and range.
For governmental customers needing to fly heads of state and delegations around the world, the ACJ330neo offers an unbeatable combination of modern design, proven capability and productivity.
The A330 is the world’s most successful widebody airliner, having evolved through intelligent innovation into an even more capable aircraft - as well as having evolved into freighter, multi-role tanker transport and corporate jet roles.