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Global 5000

Albinati Aeronautics
Class Ultra long range
Max. passengers 12
Year of production 2006 lock icon PRO
Serial number 9174
Homebase LSGG (GVA), Geneva
Cabin height 1.90 m
Cabin width 2.50 m
Cabin length 13.92 m
6 divan seats
Beds (sleeping places): 5 (6)
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Wireless internet
Satellite phone
Entertainment system
This very large aircraft can fly 10 hours non-stop, taking up to 12 passengers anywhere in the world in an exclusive, luxurious and comfortable environment, fully equipped for business (communication systems), entertainment (DVD Player) and relaxation. Thanks to its short-field performance, the Global 5000 can use restrictive airports with just 1500 m long runways, hence increasing the number of possible landing places. Passengers will be closer to their final destination and will gain a substantial amount of time.
The aft section, separated from the cabin by a sliding door, can be converted into a comfortable king-size double bed suite, with direct access to a private restroom and closet as well as to the baggage compartment. The midsection offers two single and one double bed accommodation.
Fine dining is served on board by our flight attendant.