Smooth Route

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Smooth Route Sdn. Bhd. started out in 1999 to manage our first aircraft, a Piper Seneca IV with our own pilots and operations team.
Our management philosophy is based on a commitment to:
Safety – to promote awareness & prevention of failures through regulations, education & training.
Compliances – to ensure operational transparency & adherence to all regulatory specifications, laws and policies. Our hangar are fully insured with hangar keepers liability insurance to provide coverage for your assets while in our premises.
Commitment to Excellence – to deliver quality service as a standard and embrace excellence as our core value.
Security & Confidentiality – to provide utmost protection to our clients & assets and ethical discretion on confidential information.
Integrity –to espouse the values of honesty and truthfulness in a consistent manner.

phone +603 7846 2788
fax +603 7846 2832
Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, 47200 Subang, Selangor
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia