Aviapages API

Aviapages API is a set of tools provided to external developers. API consists of Flight Route Calculator and Aviation Weather and NOTAM methods.

Our API technologies will allow your business to work even more precisely and economy efficient. We have developed solutions which are dedicated for sales and commercial departments of operators, brokers, aggregators and other market players of the business aviation industry.
The following technologies of our popular and time-proven tools are available for immediate implementation:
  • Flight Route Calculator
  • Charter Catalogues
  • Aviation weather and NOTAM
Flight Route Calculator - is the unique and our own R&D technology, which allows to pre-estimate flight time for dozens of aircraft type model just within a few seconds. The result of the calculation will include flight time, wind impact, fuel consumption and airways route. Fast and accurate technology will significantly reduce time for your quotation delivery and not only, make your price offer even more accurate and competitive on the market, as well as will serve your sales as a great daily support.
Charter Catalogues - our database is one of the most wide and updated in the business aviation industry today. The information is constantly handled by our content managers and includes aircraft from the most recent models deliveries up to rare and discontinued aircraft types. By purchasing our API service you will always have the significant market advantage for the charter flight solution for your customers and partners.
Aviation weather and NOTAM - as part of our API package we are offering separate or complementary package of NOTAM and aviation weather (METAR, TAF). The service will allow you to even better synchronize your daily sales and OPS processes.
The services are described above are available for the immediate implementation and are always under new and constant updates process. Our prices are affordable and we have a flexible payments policy
For more information and API purchase, please contact us on
Detailed documentation and examples can be found on API Docs page
Sandbox - demonstration of API functionality in just one click

Our clients

Aviapages API is free for up to 500 API calls per month. Contact us directly for larger volumes. You can generate your API Token on your account settings page.