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13.04 08:54: The Flight Route Calculator 3x faster! April 2017 newsletter

Dear Friends, Time flies very fast and we have noticed that the spring has arrived already and we are standing just 1,5 month before the EBACE. In this newsletter, we will share you our latest website updates, our B2B Workshops schedule (this year in Moscow and in London) as well as some updates in Refund Program and our recent Premium Subscribers. Our FRC is still one of the most favorite tools in our website and the number of calculations is growing constantly. Currently it provides about 4,0K professional calculations and routing estimations monthly for industry professionals worldwide. The most recent update makes your calculations to be generated 3 times faster and even more accurate with new flight route database. Having constantly growing demand from AC brokers and distributors (thanks to our growing audience of the 9,5K visitor per month), we have created a new directory in our catalogues, where the industry niche companies can introduce their information and the actual aircraft on sale. From today you can find and place the most updated market offers. (If you are already our Premium Subscriber, and offering AC selling services, please let us know, we will add to the present directory under your premium subscription plan). The first venue will take place in Moscow at 6th of September in the very central location of the city, Volkhonka Mansion. The second event will be conducted in London, at 17th of October, in the Museum of London. As it was in 2015 and 2016 the concept of the both venues will continue to maintain its energetic, dynamic and professional atmosphere. Aviapages will present its recent developments, the event’s guests will enjoy from the case studies presentations as well as benefit from wide networking opportunities (The topics of both events will be different from each other). In addition, in order to provide maximum comfort for guests, the venue in Moscow will take place 1 day prior the Jet Expo 2017 and the event in London 1 day prior BACA autumn lunch 2017. During the F1 Race in Sochi Capital AviaNeft will refund to Aviapages’ Premium Subscribers refuelling and handling bills! The Refund action will allow our Premium Subscribers to refund up to 2,5% from the origin refuelling and handling services bill in Sochi airport during the Formula 1 Race in April (Event schedule Fri 28 – Sun 30 Apr 2017). For more info, please contact: We would like to thank all our recent new and renewal Premium Subscribers: FBO RIGA, Jet Express, Sirius Aero, A Group, Flight Way, AviaService, BBAC, Sky Clean, RusVipAvia, Heliport-M Airlines, Flight Consulting Group, Arcos Jet for choosing our premium services. Thank you!

05.04 13:23: Aviapages B2B workshop in Moscow and in London! is delighted to announce the dates of its B2B workshops for 2017. The first venue will take place in Moscow at 6th of September in the very central location of the city, Volkhonka Mansion. The second event will be conducted in London, at 17th of October, in the Museum of London. Stay tuned!

13.02 09:51: Jet Express our new Premium Subscriber!

We are happy to introduce you our new Premium Subscriber - Jet Express! One of the unique operators with the Brand New Challenger 650 available for charter:

07.02 09:53: Please welcome our new Premium Subscriber Flight-Way!

We are glad to announce the Flight-Way charter brokerage company has become our premium subscriber!

30.01 10:52: EU and UK business development

EU and UK business development During the last week we have performed 16 dedicated meetings in the UK and Europe. We would like to thank our partners and colleagues for the time dedicated and confident our cooperation is fruitful! Your team

19.01 09:34: Jet Catering new member of Aviapages Premium Refund Program

Dear Friends! We are glad to announce Jet Catering Company become the first catering company member of Premium Refund Program. Each 3 months Jet Catering will perform various promo actions and campaigns, which will be available only for Premium Subscribers of Starting from this day, when ordering your catering with Jet Catering in the Moscow area airports, you will able to refund 2,5% from your total bill. The action is valid for the next 3 months. The refund will be performed together with coordination by the end of the mentioned campaign. The detailed information about Jet Catering available on: The Premium Refund Program of can be clarified with the company’s reperesentative.

18.01 14:03: workshop will take place at 6th of September!

Our Moscow workshop will take place at 6th of September! The venue will be conducted 1 day prior the Jet Expo, on Wednesday. The detailed program will be delivered closer to the event!

17.01 15:56: 7 benefits premium account for marketing

1. Almost 30,000 unique users of are interested in particular in business aviation worldwide. Among them there are brokers and their employees, operators, FBOs, PA to passengers and aircraft owners. is a new project, but it has already earned the attention of professionals. Get full access to this active audience, and be ready to perceive new information. 2.Feel free to customize the appearance of your page: download the presentation, cover page, description and links to social networks. A fully stocked profile has a positive effect on your company's search in Google, Yandex and other search engines. All references of your company on our website will accompany your logo as well. 3. If you are an operator company, your firm name will be marked as a recipient by default in the brokers requests for charter flights . According to the statistics, premium subscribers get 5 times more requests than the basic profiles. 4. Top position in our operators, brokers and aircraft catalogue. A tenfold increase in the number of views of your company's profile and planes by our users. 5. Additional links to your company in the Flight Calculator, on the Airport Information page and also among alternate aircraft suggestions. Our calculator has more than 3,000 clicks every month, and our airport pages have over 2000 visits monthly. Even if our members won’t visit your page for a while, your aircraft will be seen nevertheless. 6. We will also promote your page in our Twitter and Facebook. 7. During our numerous meetings we always mention our subscribers, our valued customers!

10.01 21:27: Updated design

Dear Friends, we are happy to deliver you our updated design of the landing page! Hope you like it) From our side will continue to work on the constant product's new features introduction and the current one improvement.

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