Ortac Operations Managment Ltd

charter operator

If you own, or are considering owning, an aircraft, ORTAC is uniquely positioned, geographically and legislatively, to undertake your flight operations and regulatory compliance systems – providing as much or as little bespoke support as you require.

The combined knowledge and experience of ORTAC’s directors provides its clients with access to a unique skillset within the industry – comprehensively spanning flying; operational; financial; regulatory and legal expertise. Each with over 30 years’ experience in aviation, our Directors’ extensive technical capabilities enable you to outsource the day-to-day running of your aircraft to us – clients are encouraged to think of us as their expert, in-house flight department.

From helping you to select, purchase and structure your aircraft acquisition cost-effectively, to ensuring your stringent and professional safety compliance with the relevant aviation regulations; from sourcing crew, to maintaining their professional training; from filing flight plans, to providing in-flight weather updates; from organising ground support, to booking crew accommodation….whatever you need, ORTAC will go above and beyond to ensure that any stresses or concerns are alleviated and you can simply enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership!

phone +44 (0) 1534 750750
Hallmark House, Jersey Airport, St Peter, JE3 7BY
Jersey, Jersey