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Life Flight International Inc.

charter operator

Medically Supervised Patient Transport Worldwide

Life Flight International Inc. is a private Canadian Air Ambulance conducting Worldwide Air Ambulance and Commercial Escorts since 1990.
We take pride in our personal and professional care that we have successfully been giving in the last 25 years, transporting over 5000 patients safely back home.
Life Flight International Inc. is operated by our team of Professionals jointly boasting 200 years experience in the Critical Care Air Ambulance Industry. With this team of Professionals we have surpassed the standards of safety and professionalism in our industry.
All patient transports are set up and flight followed by Life Flight, to keep family members apprised of every move to ensure the stress levels are minimal. We are also able to provide room for family members to travel with their loved ones.
Organization and personal/professional care is the key to all safe medevacs. Serving the Snowbird travel community since 1990.
Common Destinations: China, Japan, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Australia, UK. Canada.

phone +1 250 655 1630
fax +1 250 656 9394
Victoria International Airport Dispatch Office 470 Hasquiat Place, V8L 5K5
North Saanich, Canada

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