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Air Corporate was established in 1999 and it aims to meet the needs of the corporate sector.It performs unscheduled passenger transport and aerial work activities and most qualified crew. Thanks to its proven track record equal to more than 25,000 flight hours for more than 45,200 missions with over 61,000 passengers transported, Air Corporate is able to provide fast and punctual transport service whilst offering comfort and privacy, together with a personalised and high quality service. Air Corporate manages your helicopters directly, of every model or brand, and it offers a service built on your needs. Our staff comes with specific experiences in different fields, therefore it guarantees a high level of professionalism due to the particularity of the service offered.

phone +39 045 860 0910
fax +39 045 861 8105
via Monte Baldo, 10 37069 Villafranca di Verona (VR)
Verona, Italy

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