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New CJ1 LZ-DIN in Jet24 fleet!

Evgeny Chuprov
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Please meet new aircraft in Jet24 fleet https://aviapages.com/charter_aircraft/?search_value=lzdin General: · Type: Very light jet · Model: Cessna CJ1 · YOM: 1997 · REF: 2017 · Base: no fixed · Owners approval: majorly no · Capacity: 5 max due to take-off weight restrictions. 4 in main cabin and 1 lavatory seats. Front seat is not usable for take-off/landing · Luggage: 1.2 cu/m ~ 4 standard travel suitcases max · Performance: up to 2 hrs flying at 390 knots (each mission close to 2 hrs limit need to check with Dispatch). · Smoking: allowed (no cigars) · Lavatory: rear seat closed from main cabin by a curtain · Catering: self-service, cold snacks and drinks, no F/A possible