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LIRN: Possible delays. 13 JAN18. Impact: Slight.

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NOTAM A0229/18 parsed by Aviapages NOTAM decoder: Valid from: 13 Jan 2018 1030 LT (13 Jan 2018 0930 UTC) Valid till: 13 Jan 2018 1330 LT (13 Jan 2018 1230 UTC) NOTAM message ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TRAFFIC MAY BE SUBJECT TO DELAY DUE TO FLIGHT CHECK IN PROGRESS REFERENCE TO AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION PUBLICATION (AIP) AERODROME 2 LIRN 1-1 Area of influence: 40.53N 14.17E, R 9 km (5 NM) More details: This NOTAM (ID A0229) issued in 2018 is a new one Purpose: Immediate attention, PIB entry, Operationally significant for IFR flights Scope: Aerodrome Significant for IFR and VFR traffic Original Notam A0229/18 NOTAMN Q) LIRR/QFAXX/IV/NBO/A/000/999/4053N01417E005 A) LIRN B) 1801130930 C) 1801131230 E) ARR AND DEP TRAFFIC MAY BE SUBJ DLA DUE TO FLTCK IN PROGRESS REF AIP AD 2 LIRN 1-1