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Business Aviation Market Analysis of Q4 2018

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We have analyzed 72844 flights that we’ve been able to gather for the fourth quarter of 2018. These flights where performed by 2420 charter aircraft that are registered in our directories.

Charter flights 2018Q4: Global

Charter flights 2018Q4: Europe

Charter flights 2018Q4: United States

Flight distribution by region

Flight distribution by destination country

Aircraft distribution by manufacturer

Aircraft distribution by class

Aircraft distribution by type

Flight stats by aircraft type

typeavg flights per monthavg flight timemax flight timeavg dist kmmax dist km
Agusta AW109S Grand0.670:55:131:44:47243467
Agusta AW109SP Grand New1.330:49:451:23:25204344
Agusta AW1392.331:45:112:20:38403481
Airbus A318 Elite3.872:13:527:25:5714464661
Airbus A319 VIP0.783:48:015:42:4023903963
Airbus A320-21131:28:483:24:169572014
Airbus A320-21210.712:56:155:12:4120593709
Airbus A320-23211.523:06:187:33:5322345544
Airbus A33019.75:51:5912:11:5846569416
Airbus A340-31329:26:0512:34:20748410379
Airbus A38018.678:59:3114:52:25753412057
Airbus ACJ A31993:52:5516:13:40286612214
Airbus ACJ A32016.52:14:144:47:3915133487
ATR 428.330:52:481:13:18347437
ATR 724.760:57:102:14:00370894
ATR 72-2000.670:54:331:19:02233233
A-Viator AP.68TP-60031:23:582:25:05393851
BAe 146-20041:12:041:32:26574762
BAe Avro RJ10029.331:17:261:41:55661847
BAe Avro RJ8523.330:59:492:16:444471091
BAe Jetstream 3110:52:000:54:00319319
BAe Jetstream 324.670:38:571:03:00218223
Beechcraft 1900C6.330:49:531:39:25284375
Beechcraft 1900D9.670:59:482:09:03417777
Beechcraft 58 Baron6.891:20:114:29:003901292
Beechcraft F33A Bonanza30:53:561:34:39248507
Beechcraft King Air 1004.170:57:032:31:00347920
Beechcraft King Air 2009.191:19:406:19:215082386
Beechcraft King Air 25071:12:012:55:174861185
Beechcraft King Air 3006.671:32:014:13:366882154
Beechcraft King Air 3508.171:17:104:50:005622392
Beechcraft King Air 350ER4.332:41:034:03:486101372
Beechcraft King Air 350iER13.11:00:483:43:334071763
Beechcraft King Air 906.870:58:164:58:263192194
Beechcraft King Air C9011.141:21:414:24:575192037
Beechcraft King Air C90A8.171:02:542:39:00395986
Beechcraft King Air C90B7.671:31:334:17:005421546
Beechcraft King Air C90GT9.671:36:292:56:526471083
Beechcraft King Air E9010.170:58:594:07:182891571
Beechcraft King Air F904.221:27:373:17:405941584
Beechjet 4005.221:06:033:11:006551816
Beechjet 400A11.121:08:513:39:006972313
Boeing 73718.762:23:068:43:2716626530
Boeing 737-2008.171:53:596:51:0612282224
Boeing 737-3003.562:09:489:19:0913926845
Boeing 737-40014.833:06:2811:18:1623579416
Boeing 737-50041:41:003:56:5210713003
Boeing 737-70082:04:1610:51:4313118342
Boeing 737-800182:57:099:38:2921348758
Boeing 74725.676:48:5011:27:4558259427
Boeing 757-2006.332:41:578:02:3218936983
Boeing 767-2003.171:54:264:44:53644710093
Boeing 767-300  CF6-804.675:49:5612:44:10453510862
Boeing 767-300ER4.337:13:5512:03:5855679628
Boeing 777-2009.334:54:2710:45:3339678606
CASA C-212-400 2.330:43:542:10:50194593
Cessna 17260:33:391:29:024693
Cessna 172S3.770:53:415:38:59121421
Cessna 1771.330:43:271:15:48159299
Cessna 1820.51:00:201:25:00129240
Cessna 2062.731:31:163:30:44304658
Cessna 2084.331:36:166:11:10243618
Cessna 208 Amphibian0.673:04:513:20:25700727
Cessna 208B13.781:53:154:29:10207611
Cessna 310R111:01:142:06:59316722
Cessna 3401.330:49:221:12:15220336
Cessna 4004.670:46:260:56:10175222
Cessna 40420:46:461:05:54178178
Cessna 40610:43:582:10:00228689
Cessna 4141.671:17:452:42:00406806
Cessna 414A5.251:29:353:57:544431109
Cessna 4212.671:00:211:07:17312319
Cessna 421C6.51:52:165:23:015741857
Cessna 42571:21:213:32:135121621
Cessna 44110.080:59:303:54:144031915
Cessna Citation Bravo9.031:25:325:20:358292583
Cessna Citation Encore8.171:32:513:53:046041848
Cessna Citation Encore+15.670:46:451:55:283501025
Cessna Citation Excel16.071:25:224:40:068582934
Cessna Citation I1.751:33:053:10:508311851
Cessna Citation II6.091:26:333:59:307712201
Cessna Citation III10.621:34:114:23:599633011
Cessna CitationJet7.441:12:354:39:475621923
Cessna CitationJet CJ15.821:16:153:51:145702015
Cessna CitationJet CJ1+3.831:20:103:22:127102557
Cessna CitationJet CJ210.521:18:373:59:026992800
Cessna CitationJet CJ2+8.091:14:554:09:296762722
Cessna CitationJet CJ311.741:21:515:02:517813090
Cessna CitationJet CJ3+11.881:25:065:03:568013671
Cessna CitationJet CJ413.111:16:094:49:117412683
Cessna Citation Latitude12.181:10:006:11:006713494
Cessna Citation M28.771:24:513:10:347192015
Cessna Citation Mustang10.371:16:534:20:435822023
Cessna Citation S/II12.171:11:574:13:076321987
Cessna Citation Sovereign10.721:40:396:26:1710625690
Cessna Citation Sovereign+15.671:33:375:11:3710203704
Cessna Citation Ultra11.351:31:434:18:399032782
Cessna Citation V12.351:16:194:18:007052779
Cessna Citation VI3.891:57:583:09:2612821920
Cessna Citation VII10.241:26:044:13:029142822
Cessna Citation X15.891:55:116:44:4914294648
Cessna Citation X+10.671:51:593:27:1614792588
Cessna Citation XLS10.451:26:444:49:388962793
Cessna Citation XLS+132:03:3710:39:0013939229
Cessna T3033.330:41:190:58:10195283
Challenger 30014.581:55:386:21:0113344454
Challenger 35015.811:50:576:28:1912175252
Challenger 6019.561:44:216:26:1511824454
Challenger 601-3A12.422:53:3314:34:0620299835
Challenger 6049.292:22:1516:31:2216259539
Challenger 6058.762:03:228:10:3813925903
Challenger 6507.562:44:577:00:3219346520
Challenger 8507.151:42:395:48:4910484474
Cirrus SR 224.721:20:554:23:063201269
Crystal Skye BBJ 777 200-LR2.336:11:5113:43:57532513045
Dash 8 Q20028.670:45:331:34:24354813
Diamond DA42 Twin Star1.671:06:241:28:14284361
Dornier 22810.170:24:291:15:00107151
Dornier 328130:41:551:47:09300563
Dornier 328 Jet22.191:01:113:20:565451902
Eclipse 5005.861:22:433:16:376802134
Embraer 120ER5.560:43:571:48:27320695
Embraer 135ER MSC71:06:083:02:495962388
Embraer 135LR0.331:27:551:32:17575575
Embraer 145LR7.441:05:382:25:005531723
Embraer 19524.11:17:042:54:097161441
Embraer Legacy 450151:38:116:11:2310334638
Embraer Legacy 50071:58:015:25:1213014002
Embraer Legacy 6008.781:49:326:06:0011954798
Embraer Legacy 65011.512:17:218:15:0814955965
Embraer Lineage 10003.332:42:347:48:3219086143
Embraer Phenom 10014.061:10:594:41:446163889
Embraer Phenom 30012.831:22:046:13:037863152
Eurocopter AS350 BA0.331:04:271:04:27239239
Eurocopter EC1450.331:49:441:49:44110110
Fairchild Merlin III6.670:55:562:01:36382909
Fairchild Metro 232.171:10:331:58:00478847
Falcon 1011.831:49:353:37:1213302410
Falcon 10072:20:093:52:4313682868
Falcon 2010.221:58:154:54:1713783124
Falcon 20009.631:56:047:20:3313225089
Falcon 2000EX8.172:01:538:04:0314135905
Falcon 2000EX EASy8.332:15:038:05:2714955545
Falcon 2000LX9.81:41:509:12:3811037075
Falcon 2000LX EASy10.672:02:559:11:4613926629
Falcon 2000LXS62:07:038:13:3514396434
Falcon 2000S111:50:147:11:0712395456
Falcon 20F42:09:484:37:2615743422
Falcon 20F-541:44:363:59:0611852435
Falcon 508.181:50:336:21:4312634762
Falcon 50EX112:24:116:32:2417924797
Falcon 7X7.253:15:5812:18:1625099897
Falcon 8X8.043:23:2411:30:1126759628
Falcon 9006.752:05:486:45:4215045257
Falcon 900B10.452:06:248:35:3814906113
Falcon 900C4.671:29:334:06:009962712
Falcon 900DX7.332:46:317:47:5820006032
Falcon 900EX7.32:08:5610:12:0515217720
Falcon 900EX EASy8.272:14:559:48:5715127037
Falcon 900LX6.831:42:094:52:5410793707
Fokker 10018.331:11:562:50:036381092
Global 50006.173:06:1610:47:0922749404
Global 600010.463:59:3313:06:19306310743
Global Express6.823:26:1911:53:0227179677
Global Express XRS4.453:42:3112:48:0029629733
Gulfstream G1009.221:38:297:20:0011596159
Gulfstream G15010.732:08:275:30:1815044136
Gulfstream G20010.251:53:168:28:1513087148
Gulfstream G28013.561:54:157:30:0112855513
Gulfstream G3505.832:19:357:06:3716805669
Gulfstream G40017.332:23:067:38:1916685460
Gulfstream G4505.782:27:248:41:4616976904
Gulfstream G5006.783:09:3711:58:5924159261
Gulfstream G5505.953:08:0413:53:57237111132
Gulfstream G6505.733:50:4312:59:50302710870
Gulfstream II151:14:436:44:157214925
Gulfstream III6.271:42:125:50:1410194734
Gulfstream IV10.032:17:049:38:1916537516
Gulfstream V5.563:11:1612:22:16246010059
Hawker 100010.771:47:086:53:2311744358
Hawker 4008.172:09:436:24:0815164131
Hawker 40007.391:58:426:50:0114154572
Hawker 400XP15.891:26:584:10:118563077
Hawker 700182:06:374:20:3015022748
Hawker 700A3.421:40:464:31:0011993252
Hawker 7509.931:35:573:58:4110833240
Hawker 8009.071:37:295:24:029893947
Hawker 800A10.851:28:185:22:539353942
Hawker 800B13.671:40:444:28:0610063161
Hawker 800XP10.471:45:426:26:1011575535
Hawker 850XP7.621:25:575:53:349113493
Hawker 900XP12.131:49:045:53:5611573627
IAI Astra7.251:47:174:50:4512593980
IAI Astra SPX8.561:34:065:16:0110474107
IAI Galaxy15.331:54:164:16:1613862740
IAI Westwind I6.891:28:463:43:1010002468
IAI Westwind II7.671:43:383:01:0311131902
Learjet 3113.751:08:104:17:206832794
Learjet 31A9.461:16:023:04:277971938
Learjet 31ER22.330:51:302:55:125052056
Learjet 357.471:34:035:08:117112489
Learjet 35A10.211:32:454:47:449833639
Learjet 403.471:20:204:14:505753158
Learjet 40XR13.671:27:433:23:599802229
Learjet 4513.741:25:247:21:279374167
Learjet 45XR13.291:28:374:20:509893358
Learjet 556.671:30:364:11:509862847
Learjet 55C11.332:13:014:39:1014663177
Learjet 6010.21:33:495:45:0110243952
Learjet 60XR10.411:33:024:10:2310433077
LearJet 7512.751:19:253:43:428132487
Let L-4103.330:45:251:06:00216216
Mitsubishi MU-23.331:50:234:30:188512066
Mooney M20E31:03:212:02:34248482
Nextant 400XT9.411:28:253:25:409002234
Piaggio Avanti9.51:06:282:41:445691387
Piaggio Avanti II5.611:37:385:51:229004254
Pilatus PC-1211.741:11:515:38:194492394
Pilatus PC-12/4710.31:16:235:33:004942321
Pilatus PC-12 NG7.421:37:204:31:036162141
Pilatus PC-2430:54:161:27:32400829
Pilatus PC-60.672:23:582:48:06645745
Piper PA-28 Cherokee2.831:22:252:05:19245411
Piper PA-31-325 Navajo C/R4.171:32:252:52:40258611
Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain7.471:14:323:50:353732397
Piper PA-34-200 Seneca I11.51:33:323:33:00408949
Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III0.331:19:001:19:00377377
Piper PA-34-220T Seneca V21:42:262:33:07504825
Piper PA-42-720 Cheyenne III0.670:53:001:18:22319471
Piper PA-46R-350T Matrix7.671:02:013:35:292951559
Premier 19.521:04:423:08:196381863
Premier 1A2.171:43:024:47:016331192
Quest Kodiak 1003.330:35:241:00:02133211
Saab 340A5.332:00:443:08:437521271
Saab 340A Cargo16.781:27:363:14:055621429
Saab 340B0.330:47:000:47:00296296
Sabreliner 657.52:35:005:21:5117173194
Sikorsky S-76C0.331:26:351:26:352323
Sukhoi Superjet 10014.252:13:264:36:0514903257
Sukhoi Superjet 100 LR19.673:20:536:03:0423814222
TBM 8507.711:16:233:44:315251908
Vulcanair P681.331:14:192:02:15135178

Busiest airports

airportshare, % 
KTEB, Teterboro2.31
KHPN, Westchester Co0.97
KVNY, Van Nuys0.85
LFPB, Le Bourget0.75
KPBI, Palm Beach Intl0.75
KHOU, Hobby0.68
KOPF, Miami Opa Locka Executive0.66
UUWW, Vnukovo0.6
KIAD, Washington Dulles Intl0.58
KMDW, Chicago Midway Intl0.57
KLAS, Mc Carran Intl0.55
KAPF, Naples Mun0.54
KSDL, Scottsdale0.51
LSGG, Geneva0.51
KDAL, Dallas Love0.5
EGGW, Luton0.48
EGLF, Farnborough0.47
LSZH, Zurich0.46
KBCT, Boca Raton0.45
KBED, Hanscom0.45
LFMN, Nice Cote D Azur0.45
KOAK, Metro Oakland Intl0.44
CYYZ, Lester B Pearson Intl0.44
LEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas0.42
KAPA, Centennial0.41
KFXE, Ft Lauderdale Executive0.4
LTAI, Antalya0.38
KFLL, Ft Lauderdale Hollywood Intl0.38
KSJC, Mineta San Jose Intl0.38
KPIT, Pittsburgh Intl0.37
KSNA, John Wayne Orange Co0.35
KSUS, Spirit Of St Louis0.35
KAUS, Austin Bergstrom Intl0.35
KPWK, Chicago Executive0.33
LFPO, Orly0.33
KBOS, Logan Intl0.33
KBNA, Nashville Intl0.32
KLUK, Cincinnati Mun Lunken0.31
KLAX, Los Angeles Intl0.29
MYNN, Lynden Pindling Intl0.29
KMIA, Miami Intl0.29
EHAM, Schiphol0.28
LIML, Linate0.27
KBFI, Boeing Field King Co Intl0.27
KFTY, Fulton Co Brown0.26
KPHX, Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl0.26
UUEE, Sheremetyevo0.26
LOWW, Schwechat0.25
KPTK, Oakland Co Intl0.25
KPDK, Dekalb Peachtree0.25
KCLT, Charlotte Douglas Intl0.25
KLEX, Blue Grass0.25
KMMU, Morristown Mun0.24
KSRQ, Sarasota Bradenton Intl0.24
KPHL, Philadelphia Intl0.23
EGKB, London Biggin Hill Airport0.23
KAGC, Allegheny Co0.22
LKPR, Ruzyne0.22
KRDU, Raleigh Durham Intl0.22
KCHS, Charleston Airbaseintl0.22
KSFO, San Francisco Intl0.21
KCRQ, Mc Clellan Palomar0.21
EDDS, Stuttgart0.21
KPSP, Palm Springs Intl0.21
KFRG, Republic0.21
KCLE, Cleveland Hopkins Intl0.21
KTPA, Tampa Intl0.2
KSBA, Santa Barbara Mun0.2
KSAT, San Antonio Intl0.2
KSUA, Witham0.2
CYVR, Vancouver Intl0.2
EGSS, Stansted0.2
LEPA, Palma De Mallorca0.19
EDDB, Schoenefeld0.19
EDDF, Frankfurt Main0.19
KEGE, Eagle Co Regl0.19
LEBL, El Prat0.18
KORL, Executive0.18
KSLC, Salt Lake City Intl0.18
OMDB, Dubai Intl0.18
KMKC, Wheeler Downtown0.18
EDDL, Duesseldorf0.18
KASE, Aspen Pitkin Co Sardy0.18
KFTW, Ft Worth Meacham Intl0.18
KCMH, Glenn Columbus Intl0.17
KOMA, Eppley0.17
KMKE, Gen Mitchell Intl0.17
KAPC, Napa Co0.17
KBWI, Baltimore Washington Intl Thur0.17
EBBR, Brussels National0.17
EDDM, Munich0.17
KADS, Addison0.16
KVRB, Vero Beach Mun0.16
KSDF, Louisville Intl Standiford0.16
KILG, New Castle0.16
KSAV, Savannah Hilton Head Intl0.16
KDPA, Dupage0.16
KJAX, Jacksonville Intl0.15
KCHO, Charlottesville Albemarle0.15
KPNE, Northeast Philadelphia0.15
ULLI, Pulkovo0.15
CYUL, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudea0.15
EPWA, Chopin0.15
KRSW, Southwest Florida Intl0.15
KTUL, Tulsa Intl0.15
KBUR, Bob Hope0.15
KIND, Indianapolis Intl0.14
KMRY, Monterey Peninsula0.14
KMCO, Orlando Intl0.14
EKCH, Kastrup0.14
KJVL, Southern Wisconsin Regl0.14
EDDN, Nuernberg0.14
KABE, Lehigh Valley Intl0.14
KPIE, St Petersburg Clearwater Intl0.13
KLNK, Lincoln0.13
KSTL, Lambert St Louis Intl0.13
KMSP, Minneapolis St Paul Intl Wold0.13
OEJN, King Abdulaziz Intl0.13
LEMG, Costa Del Sol0.13
KHWD, Hayward Executive0.13
OERK, King Khaled Intl0.13
OMDW, Dubai World Central Intl0.13
KPWA, Wiley Post0.13
KFMY, Page0.13
CYYC, Calgary Intl0.13
LIMC, Malpensa0.13
KTRM, Jacqueline Cochran Regl0.13
KDEN, Denver Intl0.12
KSQL, San Carlos0.12
EDDH, Hamburg0.12
KGSO, Piedmont Triad Intl0.12
KTUS, Tucson Intl0.12
KACK, Nantucket Meml0.12
LTBA, Ataturk0.12
LTFJ, Sabiha Gokcen0.12
KTYS, Mc Ghee Tyson0.12
LFBO, Blagnac0.12
KACY, Atlantic City Intl0.12
EKBI, Billund0.12
KPSM, Portsmouth Intl At Pease0.12
KSUN, Friedman Meml0.12
KSAN, San Diego Intl0.12
KATL, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta I0.12
KDFW, Dallas Ft Worth Intl0.12
KYIP, Willow Run0.12
KMSY, Armstrong New Orleans Intl0.12
MMSD, Los Cabos Intl0.12
WSSL, Seletar0.12
KCMA, Camarillo0.11
LCLK, Larnaca Intl0.11
LIRA, Ciampino0.11
KBJC, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan0.11
KHHR, Northrop Hawthorne Mun0.11
LYBE, Nikola Tesla0.11
MYAM, Leonard M Thompson Intl0.11
KSTS, Charles M Schulz Sonoma Co0.11
KJVY, Clark Regl0.11
LLBG, Ben Gurion0.11
KMEM, Memphis Intl0.11
KRYY, Cobb Co Mc Collum0.11
KILM, Wilmington Intl0.1
EFHK, Vantaa0.1
TJSJ, Luis Munoz Marin Intl0.1
KNEW, Lakefront0.1
KCAE, Columbia Metro0.1
EGWU, Northolt0.1
EBAW, Deurne0.1
KBOI, Boise Air Terminal Gowen0.1
KCGF, Cuyahoga Co0.1
KCAK, Akron Canton Regl0.1
EDSB, Karlsruhe Baden Baden0.1
MBPV, Providenciales Intl0.1
GCTS, Reina Sofia0.1
KMSN, Dane Co Regl Truax0.1
KFAT, Fresno Yosemite Intl0.1
EDDK, Cologne Bonn0.1
KISP, Long Island Mac Arthur0.1
KEYW, Key West Intl0.1
KAVL, Asheville Regl0.1
KCXO, Conroe North Houston Regl0.1
YBBN, Brisbane Intl0.1
YSSY, Kingsford Smith Intl0.1
KBTR, Baton Rouge Metro Ryan0.09
ELLX, Luxembourg0.09
UUDD, Domodedovo0.09
KLGB, Long Beach Daugherty Field0.09
EGCC, Manchester0.09
KRNO, Reno Tahoe Intl0.09
FMEE, Roland Garros0.09
KBDL, Bradley Intl0.09
EIDW, Dublin Intl0.09
KISM, Kissimmee Gateway0.09
OLBA, Rafic Hariri Intl0.09
KBUF, Buffalo Niagara Intl0.09
KBTV, Burlington Intl0.09
KSYR, Syracuse Hancock Intl0.09
NZAA, Auckland Intl0.09
EHRD, Rotterdam0.09
OMAD, Al Bateen Executive0.09
KICT, Wichita Mid Continent0.09
KJFK, Kennedy Intl0.09
KJAC, Jackson Hole0.09
LGAV, Eleftherios Venizelos Intl0.08
KGRR, Gerald R Ford Intl0.08
KEWR, Newark Liberty Intl0.08
KTTN, Trenton Mercer0.08
EGGD, Bristol0.08
KORF, Norfolk Intl0.08
OMAA, Abu Dhabi Intl0.08
KRIC, Richmond Intl0.08
ENGM, Gardermoen0.08
KIOW, Iowa City Mun0.08
KPWM, Portland Intl0.08
ESSB, Bromma0.08
KDAY, Cox Dayton Intl0.08
KBHM, Birmingham Shuttlesworth Intl0.08
CYEG, Edmonton Intl0.08
KBZN, Bozeman Yellowstone Intl0.08
VABB, Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl0.08
KDTW, Detroit Metro Wayne Co0.08
TNCM, Princess Juliana Intl0.08
GCLP, Gran Canaria0.08
MMTO, Lic Adolfo Lopez Mateos Intl0.08
KJWN, Tune0.08
OKBK, Kuwait Intl0.08
KOXC, Waterbury Oxford0.08
LFSB, Basle Mulhouse0.08
KSAC, Sacramento Executive0.08
KRST, Rochester Intl0.08
KAGS, Augusta Regl At Bush0.08
KTMB, Kendall Tamiami Executive0.08
EGJB, Guernsey0.08
KFAR, Hector Intl0.08
VIDP, Indira Gandhi Intl0.08
KSBN, South Bend0.08
KGMU, Greenville Downtown0.07
EBKT, Kortrijk Wevelgem0.07
KSGR, Sugar Land Regional0.07
EGBB, Birmingham0.07
OJAI, Queen Alia Intl0.07
KORD, Chicago O Hare Intl0.07
KROC, Greater Rochester Intl0.07
KFCM, Flying Cloud0.07
KMHR, Mather0.07
YBRK, Rockhampton0.07
KUES, Waukesha Co0.07
LSZB, Belp0.07
KHXD, Hilton Head0.07
LPPT, Lisbon0.07

Top destination for aircraft type

Agusta AW109S GrandLIRU, Urbe
Agusta AW109SP Grand NewEDFE, Frankfurt Egelsbach
Agusta AW139ETNL, Rostock Laage
Airbus A318 EliteOERK, King Khaled Intl
Airbus A319 VIPOEJN, King Abdulaziz Intl
Airbus A320-211EDDT, Tegel
Airbus A320-212GCTS, Reina Sofia
Airbus A320-232EGKK, Gatwick
Airbus A330LFPO, Orly
Airbus A340-313DGAA, Kotoka Intl
Airbus A380OMAA, Abu Dhabi Intl
Airbus ACJ A319EDDN, Nuernberg
Airbus ACJ A320OLBA, Rafic Hariri Intl
An-74UKLL, L Viv
ATR 42EGJB, Guernsey
ATR 72LKPR, Ruzyne
ATR 72-200EKCH, Kastrup
A-Viator AP.68TP-600LFMT, Montpellier Mediterranee
BAe 146-200EGLC, London City
BAe Avro RJ100LFST, Entzheim
BAe Avro RJ85EGLC, London City
BAe Jetstream 31MYAF, Fresh Creek
BAe Jetstream 32KDCA, Ronald Reagan Washington Natl
BBJUUEE, Sheremetyevo
Beechcraft 1900CYPPH, Perth Intl
Beechcraft 1900DLIMC, Malpensa
Beechcraft 58 BaronKMLU, Monroe Regl
Beechcraft F33A BonanzaKLYH, Lynchburg Regl Glenn
Beechcraft King Air 100KYNG, Youngstown Warren Rgnl
Beechcraft King Air 200KCLT, Charlotte Douglas Intl
Beechcraft King Air 250KBED, Hanscom
Beechcraft King Air 300CYXY, Whitehorse Nielsen Intl
Beechcraft King Air 350KOAK, Metro Oakland Intl
Beechcraft King Air 350ERENGM, Gardermoen
Beechcraft King Air 350iERNZAA, Auckland Intl
Beechcraft King Air 90KXBP, Bridgeport Mun
Beechcraft King Air C90KILM, Wilmington Intl
Beechcraft King Air C90AKPGV, Pitt Greenville
Beechcraft King Air C90BKFSM, Ft Smith Regl
Beechcraft King Air C90GTKHXD, Hilton Head
Beechcraft King Air E90KVNY, Van Nuys
Beechcraft King Air F90KLGB, Long Beach Daugherty Field
Beechjet 400KSDL, Scottsdale
Beechjet 400AKCLE, Cleveland Hopkins Intl
Boeing 737ULLI, Pulkovo
Boeing 737-200CYVO, Val D Or
Boeing 737-300EPWA, Chopin
Boeing 737-400LTAI, Antalya
Boeing 737-500EGSS, Stansted
Boeing 737-700EGNX, East Midlands
Boeing 737-800LTAI, Antalya
Boeing 747LFPO, Orly
Boeing 757-200EGSS, Stansted
Boeing 767-200LPPT, Lisbon
Boeing 767-300  CF6-80LMML, Luqa
Boeing 767-300EREGSS, Stansted
Boeing 777-200OEJN, King Abdulaziz Intl
CASA C-212-400 YSRI, Richmond
Cessna 172KUAO, Aurora State
Cessna 172SKUAO, Aurora State
Cessna 177KFXE, Ft Lauderdale Executive
Cessna 182KHAF, Half Moon Bay
Cessna 206KFMY, Page
Cessna 208SUMU, Carrasco Intl Gen C L Berisso
Cessna 208 AmphibianKSGS, South St Paul Mun Fleming
Cessna 208BKDFW, Dallas Ft Worth Intl
Cessna 310RKGLR, Gaylord Regl
Cessna 340KOPF, Miami Opa Locka Executive
Cessna 400KFMY, Page
Cessna 404EDDH, Hamburg
Cessna 406EDDV, Hannover
Cessna 414KUES, Waukesha Co
Cessna 414AKMKG, Muskegon Co
Cessna 421KPOC, Brackett
Cessna 421CKGLR, Gaylord Regl
Cessna 425KIOW, Iowa City Mun
Cessna 441YOOM, Moomba
Cessna Citation BravoKIOW, Iowa City Mun
Cessna Citation EncoreKGMU, Greenville Downtown
Cessna Citation Encore+NZNR, Napier
Cessna Citation ExcelKTEB, Teterboro
Cessna Citation IKMOT, Minot Intl
Cessna Citation IIKPTK, Oakland Co Intl
Cessna Citation IIIKFTW, Ft Worth Meacham Intl
Cessna CitationJetLSZR, Altenrhein
Cessna CitationJet CJ1KDAL, Dallas Love
Cessna CitationJet CJ1+KSDL, Scottsdale
Cessna CitationJet CJ2HSSS, Khartoum
Cessna CitationJet CJ2+EBKT, Kortrijk Wevelgem
Cessna CitationJet CJ3KHPN, Westchester Co
Cessna CitationJet CJ3+EDDS, Stuttgart
Cessna CitationJet CJ4EDDL, Duesseldorf
Cessna Citation LatitudeLFPB, Le Bourget
Cessna Citation M2EDDS, Stuttgart
Cessna Citation MustangLFPB, Le Bourget
Cessna Citation S/IIKEDC, Austin Executive
Cessna Citation SovereignKHPN, Westchester Co
Cessna Citation Sovereign+LKPR, Ruzyne
Cessna Citation UltraCYYZ, Lester B Pearson Intl
Cessna Citation VKLNK, Lincoln
Cessna Citation VICYYZ, Lester B Pearson Intl
Cessna Citation VIIKJVY, Clark Regl
Cessna Citation XKTEB, Teterboro
Cessna Citation X+KSGR, Sugar Land Regional
Cessna Citation XLSKAGC, Allegheny Co
Cessna Citation XLS+LYBE, Nikola Tesla
Cessna T303YGTH, Griffith
Challenger 300KTEB, Teterboro
Challenger 350EGLF, Farnborough
Challenger 601KTEB, Teterboro
Challenger 601-3AKTEB, Teterboro
Challenger 604KTEB, Teterboro
Challenger 605KTEB, Teterboro
Challenger 650UUWW, Vnukovo
Challenger 850KHPN, Westchester Co
Cirrus SR 22KSQL, San Carlos
CRJ200UUEE, Sheremetyevo
Crystal Skye BBJ 777 200-LRKOPF, Miami Opa Locka Executive
Dash 8 Q200EPWA, Chopin
Diamond DA42 Twin StarEDDN, Nuernberg
Dornier 228EGJA, Alderney
Dornier 328ETSI, Manching
Dornier 328 JetKACY, Atlantic City Intl
Eclipse 500KBGR, Bangor Intl
Embraer 120ERMBPV, Providenciales Intl
Embraer 135ER MSCLFJL, Metz Nancy Lorraine
Embraer 135LRLFPO, Orly
Embraer 145LRKPIR, Pierre Regl
Embraer 195LEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas
Embraer Legacy 450EGLF, Farnborough
Embraer Legacy 500EGGD, Bristol
Embraer Legacy 600KTEB, Teterboro
Embraer Legacy 650UUWW, Vnukovo
Embraer Lineage 1000WIHH, Halim Intl
Embraer Phenom 100KSNA, John Wayne Orange Co
Embraer Phenom 300LFPB, Le Bourget
Eurocopter AS350 BAEDFE, Frankfurt Egelsbach
Eurocopter EC145LOWI, Innsbruck
Fairchild Merlin IIIKDNA, Dona Ana Co Intl
Fairchild Metro 23KRKS, Rock Springs Sweetwater
Falcon 10KOPF, Miami Opa Locka Executive
Falcon 100KDAL, Dallas Love
Falcon 20KPTK, Oakland Co Intl
Falcon 2000KHOU, Hobby
Falcon 2000EXEBBR, Brussels National
Falcon 2000EX EASyKTEB, Teterboro
Falcon 2000LXLIML, Linate
Falcon 2000LX EASyEGJB, Guernsey
Falcon 2000LXSLTFJ, Sabiha Gokcen
Falcon 2000SLFPB, Le Bourget
Falcon 20FKPTK, Oakland Co Intl
Falcon 20F-5KDAL, Dallas Love
Falcon 50KTEB, Teterboro
Falcon 50EXKTCL, Tuscaloosa Regl
Falcon 7XLFPB, Le Bourget
Falcon 8XLSGG, Geneva
Falcon 900KAUS, Austin Bergstrom Intl
Falcon 900BUUEE, Sheremetyevo
Falcon 900CYMEN, Essendon
Falcon 900DXCYYZ, Lester B Pearson Intl
Falcon 900EXKSTL, Lambert St Louis Intl
Falcon 900EX EASyKTEB, Teterboro
Falcon 900LXULLI, Pulkovo
Fokker 100LFRS, Nantes Atlantique
Global 5000UUWW, Vnukovo
Global 6000EGGW, Luton
Global ExpressKTEB, Teterboro
Global Express XRSLSGG, Geneva
Gulfstream G100CYHZ, Stanfield Intl
Gulfstream G150WSSL, Seletar
Gulfstream G200KVNY, Van Nuys
Gulfstream G280KPIT, Pittsburgh Intl
Gulfstream G350KTEB, Teterboro
Gulfstream G400KOPF, Miami Opa Locka Executive
Gulfstream G450KTEB, Teterboro
Gulfstream G500OERK, King Khaled Intl
Gulfstream G550VAPO, Pune
Gulfstream G650KPIT, Pittsburgh Intl
Gulfstream IIKCLT, Charlotte Douglas Intl
Gulfstream IIIKVNY, Van Nuys
Gulfstream IVKTEB, Teterboro
Gulfstream VKTEB, Teterboro
Hawker 1000KTEB, Teterboro
Hawker 400KTEB, Teterboro
Hawker 4000KTEB, Teterboro
Hawker 400XPKTEB, Teterboro
Hawker 700KSUS, Spirit Of St Louis
Hawker 700ACYUL, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudea
Hawker 750KSUS, Spirit Of St Louis
Hawker 800KJVL, Southern Wisconsin Regl
Hawker 800AKTEB, Teterboro
Hawker 800BVTBD, Don Mueang Intl
Hawker 800XPKJVL, Southern Wisconsin Regl
Hawker 850XPKSDL, Scottsdale
Hawker 900XPKAGC, Allegheny Co
HondaJetETMN, Nordholz
IAI AstraKAPC, Napa Co
IAI Astra SPXKHOU, Hobby
IAI GalaxyKAPA, Centennial
IAI Westwind IKTME, Houston Executive
IAI Westwind IIKDAL, Dallas Love
Learjet 31KJVY, Clark Regl
Learjet 31AKPIE, St Petersburg Clearwater Intl
Learjet 31ERKMDW, Chicago Midway Intl
Learjet 35KTEB, Teterboro
Learjet 35AKMYF, Montgomery
Learjet 40KVNY, Van Nuys
Learjet 40XRKPWA, Wiley Post
Learjet 45CYVR, Vancouver Intl
Learjet 45XRKSDL, Scottsdale
Learjet 55KELP, El Paso Intl
Learjet 55CKPTK, Oakland Co Intl
Learjet 60KTEB, Teterboro
Learjet 60XRKFXE, Ft Lauderdale Executive
LearJet 75EGKB, London Biggin Hill Airport
Let L-410LDZA, Pleso
Mitsubishi MU-2TISX, Henry E Rohlsen
Mooney M20EKPSM, Portsmouth Intl At Pease
Nextant 400XTEGKB, London Biggin Hill Airport
Piaggio AvantiLFMN, Nice Cote D Azur
Piaggio Avanti IIKJYO, Leesburg Executive
Pilatus PC-12KTEB, Teterboro
Pilatus PC-12/47KHPN, Westchester Co
Pilatus PC-12 NGKALB, Albany Intl
Pilatus PC-24YPJT, Jandakot
Pilatus PC-6KDDC, Dodge City Regl
Piper PA-28 CherokeeYMMB, Moorabbin
Piper PA-31-325 Navajo C/RKANE, Anoka Co Blaine
Piper PA-31-350 ChieftainKMPO, Pocono Mountains Mun
Piper PA-34-200 Seneca IKLWM, Lawrence Mun
Piper PA-34-220T Seneca IIIMYGF, Grand Bahama Intl
Piper PA-34-220T Seneca VKFXE, Ft Lauderdale Executive
Piper PA-42-720 Cheyenne IIIEDDK, Cologne Bonn
Piper PA-46R-350T MatrixKAXV, Armstrong
Premier 1KLAS, Mc Carran Intl
Premier 1AKSGU, St George Muni
Quest Kodiak 100KSUA, Witham
Saab 340AEDDP, Leipzig Halle
Saab 340A CargoYBRK, Rockhampton
Saab 340BMYNN, Lynden Pindling Intl
Sabreliner 65KSUS, Spirit Of St Louis
Sikorsky S-76CKFXE, Ft Lauderdale Executive
Sukhoi Superjet 100UUWW, Vnukovo
Sukhoi Superjet 100 LRUIII, Irkutsk
TBM 850KPWA, Wiley Post
Vulcanair P68EDXW, Sylt
Yak-42DUUWW, Vnukovo

Busiest routes

KHPN, Westchester CoKTEB, Teterboro
KOPF, Miami Opa Locka ExecutiveKTEB, Teterboro
LFPB, Le BourgetLSGG, Geneva
KIAD, Washington Dulles IntlKTEB, Teterboro
KLAS, Mc Carran IntlKVNY, Van Nuys
FMEE, Roland GarrosLFPO, Orly
KPBI, Palm Beach IntlKTEB, Teterboro
KTEB, TeterboroKVNY, Van Nuys
KBOS, Logan IntlKTEB, Teterboro
LFMN, Nice Cote D AzurLFPB, Le Bourget
LFPO, OrlyGOBD, Blaise Diagne Intl
KBED, HanscomKTEB, Teterboro
KDAL, Dallas LoveKHOU, Hobby
LLBG, Ben GurionLTAI, Antalya
KOAK, Metro Oakland IntlKVNY, Van Nuys
KACK, Nantucket MemlKHPN, Westchester Co
KAGC, Allegheny CoKTEB, Teterboro
CYYZ, Lester B Pearson IntlKTEB, Teterboro
LECO, A CorunaLEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas
KBCT, Boca RatonKTEB, Teterboro
KHPN, Westchester CoKPBI, Palm Beach Intl
LFPO, OrlyTFFF, Aime Cesaire
DIAP, Felix Houphouet BoignyLFPO, Orly
EGLF, FarnboroughLFPB, Le Bourget
YBBN, Brisbane IntlYBRK, Rockhampton
LFLL, Saint ExuperyLSZH, Zurich
KMDW, Chicago Midway IntlKTEB, Teterboro
LFPO, OrlyTFFR, Le Raizet
LTAI, AntalyaLCEN, Ercan Int
HSSS, KhartoumOEJN, King Abdulaziz Intl
KDFW, Dallas Ft Worth IntlKELD, South Arkansas Regl At Goodwin
LFMN, Nice Cote D AzurUUWW, Vnukovo
KLAS, Mc Carran IntlKSDL, Scottsdale
KAUS, Austin Bergstrom IntlKHOU, Hobby
KDEN, Denver IntlKRIW, Riverton Regl
TFFJ, St Barthelemy ITJSJ, Luis Munoz Marin Intl
KPIT, Pittsburgh IntlKTEB, Teterboro
KJVY, Clark ReglKLEX, Blue Grass
KFRG, RepublicKTEB, Teterboro
CYVR, Vancouver IntlKBFI, Boeing Field King Co Intl
KSJC, Mineta San Jose IntlKVNY, Van Nuys
YBMK, MackayYBRK, Rockhampton
KOAK, Metro Oakland IntlKSBA, Santa Barbara Mun
KFXE, Ft Lauderdale ExecutiveKPBI, Palm Beach Intl
KBED, HanscomKHPN, Westchester Co
KOPF, Miami Opa Locka ExecutiveMYNN, Lynden Pindling Intl
KOPF, Miami Opa Locka ExecutiveKPBI, Palm Beach Intl
OMDB, Dubai IntlVOML, Mangalore
KPHL, Philadelphia IntlKTEB, Teterboro
EDDL, DuesseldorfLTAI, Antalya
KSFO, San Francisco IntlKVNY, Van Nuys
ULLI, PulkovoUUWW, Vnukovo
LCLK, Larnaca IntlUUWW, Vnukovo
KFLL, Ft Lauderdale Hollywood IntlKTEB, Teterboro
EDNY, FriedrichshafenLFBO, Blagnac
LEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid BarajasLSZH, Zurich
LFMN, Nice Cote D AzurLSGG, Geneva
EGGW, LutonLFPB, Le Bourget
KACY, Atlantic City IntlKFRG, Republic
LEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid BarajasLIPZ, Tessera
LFML, Marseille ProvenceLIMC, Malpensa
LFBO, BlagnacLFST, Entzheim
KAPF, Naples MunKTEB, Teterboro
KMMU, Morristown MunKTEB, Teterboro
LFPB, Le BourgetLSZH, Zurich
LFPB, Le BourgetUUWW, Vnukovo
LEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid BarajasLPPT, Lisbon
KLAX, Los Angeles IntlKVNY, Van Nuys
KHOU, HobbyKTEB, Teterboro
CYMX, Montreal IntlCYVO, Val D Or
KSNA, John Wayne Orange CoKVNY, Van Nuys
CYUL, Montreal Pierre Elliott TrudeaCYYZ, Lester B Pearson Intl
KAUS, Austin Bergstrom IntlKDAL, Dallas Love
KBOS, Logan IntlKHPN, Westchester Co
KBAK, Columbus MunKPTK, Oakland Co Intl
KAPA, CentennialKGJT, Grand Junction Regl
UUWW, VnukovoUWKD, Kazan
OEJN, King Abdulaziz IntlOERK, King Khaled Intl
KMIA, Miami IntlKTEB, Teterboro
EGGW, LutonLFMN, Nice Cote D Azur
WIHH, Halim IntlWSSL, Seletar
EGLF, FarnboroughLSGG, Geneva
LFBO, BlagnacLFRS, Nantes Atlantique
KTEB, TeterboroMYNN, Lynden Pindling Intl
KCHO, Charlottesville AlbemarleKTEB, Teterboro
KDEN, Denver IntlKSHR, Sheridan Co
EGGW, LutonEGLF, Farnborough
SAEZ, Ezeiza Intl Ministro PistariniSUMU, Carrasco Intl Gen C L Berisso
KHHR, Northrop Hawthorne MunKOAK, Metro Oakland Intl
KHWD, Hayward ExecutiveKSQL, San Carlos
FIMP, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam IntlLFPO, Orly
EDDL, DuesseldorfLEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas
LTFJ, Sabiha GokcenOJAI, Queen Alia Intl
KSDL, ScottsdaleKVNY, Van Nuys
KHPN, Westchester CoKIAD, Washington Dulles Intl
KPSP, Palm Springs IntlKVNY, Van Nuys
KFXE, Ft Lauderdale ExecutiveMYNN, Lynden Pindling Intl
KABE, Lehigh Valley IntlKTEB, Teterboro
LSGG, GenevaLSZH, Zurich
OMDW, Dubai World Central IntlUUWW, Vnukovo
KACK, Nantucket MemlKTEB, Teterboro
YBBN, Brisbane IntlYSSY, Kingsford Smith Intl
KAGC, Allegheny CoKPIT, Pittsburgh Intl
KCLT, Charlotte Douglas IntlKLUK, Cincinnati Mun Lunken
KFXE, Ft Lauderdale ExecutiveKMIA, Miami Intl
EDVE, Braunschweig WolfsburgETSI, Manching
LEBB, BilbaoLEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas
CYOW, Ottawa Macdonald Cartier IntlCYYZ, Lester B Pearson Intl
KMRY, Monterey PeninsulaKVNY, Van Nuys
KAPA, CentennialKASE, Aspen Pitkin Co Sardy
KHOU, HobbyKSAT, San Antonio Intl
EDDF, Frankfurt MainGCTS, Reina Sofia
LEBL, El PratLEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas
OMDB, Dubai IntlVIDP, Indira Gandhi Intl
CYYZ, Lester B Pearson IntlKHPN, Westchester Co
KLAS, Mc Carran IntlKOAK, Metro Oakland Intl
LEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid BarajasLEVX, Vigo
EBBR, Brussels NationalLTAI, Antalya
EKCH, KastrupEKSB, Sonderborg
KHPN, Westchester CoKOPF, Miami Opa Locka Executive
KDAL, Dallas LoveKSAT, San Antonio Intl
KPHX, Phoenix Sky Harbor IntlKVNY, Van Nuys
KPTK, Oakland Co IntlKTEB, Teterboro
KARR, Aurora MunKMDW, Chicago Midway Intl
EDVE, Braunschweig WolfsburgEPPO, Lawica
KISN, Sloulin IntlKMOT, Minot Intl
KNYL, Yuma Mcas Yuma IntlKSNS, Salinas Mun
EGLF, FarnboroughLFMN, Nice Cote D Azur
KPWK, Chicago ExecutiveKTEB, Teterboro
KDEN, Denver IntlKPIR, Pierre Regl
OMDB, Dubai IntlVIJP, Jaipur
KBCT, Boca RatonKPBI, Palm Beach Intl
EHAM, SchipholLFPB, Le Bourget
LFMT, Montpellier MediterraneeLFRS, Nantes Atlantique
LFBP, Pau PyreneesLFML, Marseille Provence
KCLE, Cleveland Hopkins IntlKTEB, Teterboro
KMIA, Miami IntlMYNN, Lynden Pindling Intl
LOWW, SchwechatUUWW, Vnukovo
KOAK, Metro Oakland IntlKTRK, Truckee Tahoe
KAPF, Naples MunKFXE, Ft Lauderdale Executive
KATY, Watertown RegionalKPIR, Pierre Regl
KLAS, Mc Carran IntlKSNA, John Wayne Orange Co
KOAK, Metro Oakland IntlKSJC, Mineta San Jose Intl
EGGW, LutonLSGG, Geneva
EGLF, FarnboroughLSZH, Zurich
KTEB, TeterboroLFPB, Le Bourget
LEPA, Palma De MallorcaLEVC, Manises
KLAS, Mc Carran IntlKPHX, Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl
KMBL, Manistee Co BlackerKMDW, Chicago Midway Intl
KFTW, Ft Worth Meacham IntlKHOU, Hobby

Average parking time in airports

airporttime between flights
KTEB, Teterboro1 day 11:25:44
KHPN, Westchester Co23:43:11
KVNY, Van Nuys1 day 25:04:59
KPBI, Palm Beach Intl1 day 17:59:58
LFPB, Le Bourget1 day 21:30:06
KHOU, Hobby2 days 11:53:21
KOPF, Miami Opa Locka Executive1 day 24:59:11
UUWW, Vnukovo1 day 23:47:07
KIAD, Washington Dulles Intl18:38:33
KMDW, Chicago Midway Intl13:10:18
KLAS, Mc Carran Intl28:08:22
KAPF, Naples Mun28:36:49
KSDL, Scottsdale2 days 16:24:25
KDAL, Dallas Love1 day 25:57:20
LSGG, Geneva1 day 22:31:55
EGGW, Luton1 day 11:02:58
EGLF, Farnborough1 day 18:19:02
LSZH, Zurich30:52:19
KBCT, Boca Raton1 day 24:30:58
KBED, Hanscom23:56:42
LFMN, Nice Cote D Azur21:49:00
KOAK, Metro Oakland Intl31:58:24
CYYZ, Lester B Pearson Intl1 day 17:15:38
KFXE, Ft Lauderdale Executive2 days 15:01:54
LEMD, Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas22:25:07
KAPA, Centennial1 day 16:46:11
LTAI, Antalya20:38:37
KSJC, Mineta San Jose Intl15:02:52
KFLL, Ft Lauderdale Hollywood Intl1 day 16:23:14
KPIT, Pittsburgh Intl1 day 11:12:02
KSUS, Spirit Of St Louis1 day 31:51:26
KSNA, John Wayne Orange Co1 day 17:47:38
KAUS, Austin Bergstrom Intl1 day 15:05:25
KPWK, Chicago Executive1 day 17:25:59
KBOS, Logan Intl13:27:36
LFPO, Orly17:16:46
KBNA, Nashville Intl23:30:21
KLUK, Cincinnati Mun Lunken1 day 15:57:03
KLAX, Los Angeles Intl19:30:06
MYNN, Lynden Pindling Intl17:47:45
KMIA, Miami Intl21:12:17
EHAM, Schiphol30:11:05
LIML, Linate1 day 28:49:53
KBFI, Boeing Field King Co Intl31:44:24
KPHX, Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl1 day 14:35:31
KFTY, Fulton Co Brown23:44:08
UUEE, Sheremetyevo17:43:55
LOWW, Schwechat1 day 12:20:00
KPTK, Oakland Co Intl2 days 17:13:51
KPDK, Dekalb Peachtree1 day 18:59:13
KCLT, Charlotte Douglas Intl22:57:29
KSRQ, Sarasota Bradenton Intl14:15:13
KLEX, Blue Grass20:48:29
KMMU, Morristown Mun19:26:04
EGKB, London Biggin Hill Airport1 day 32:11:28
KPHL, Philadelphia Intl10:35:48
KAGC, Allegheny Co27:26:13
KRDU, Raleigh Durham Intl20:10:48
LKPR, Ruzyne1 day 24:40:05
KCHS, Charleston Airbaseintl23:26:50
EDDS, Stuttgart1 day 11:10:54
KSFO, San Francisco Intl19:43:40
KCRQ, Mc Clellan Palomar1 day 31:28:22
KSQL, San Carlos1 day 30:52:07
KSAT, San Antonio Intl1 day 23:47:17
KPSP, Palm Springs Intl21:00:36
KFRG, Republic1 day 11:40:22
KCLE, Cleveland Hopkins Intl1 day 13:41:07
KTPA, Tampa Intl1 day 18:07:35
EDDB, Schoenefeld1 day 26:38:06
KSBA, Santa Barbara Mun20:43:25
KSUA, Witham1 day 12:49:00
CYVR, Vancouver Intl1 day 32:27:18
EGSS, Stansted2 days 13:36:12
LEPA, Palma De Mallorca14:14:00
LEBL, El Prat1 day 09:34:46
KEGE, Eagle Co Regl26:03:42
EDDF, Frankfurt Main10:28:39
KMKC, Wheeler Downtown28:15:12
OMDB, Dubai Intl1 day 11:57:14
KORL, Executive23:39:26
KSLC, Salt Lake City Intl1 day 11:44:35
KFTW, Ft Worth Meacham Intl2 days 14:54:12
KOMA, Eppley2 days 27:15:24
EDDL, Duesseldorf30:15:51
KASE, Aspen Pitkin Co Sardy13:53:50
KADS, Addison2 days 31:10:08
KCMH, Glenn Columbus Intl29:44:32
KMKE, Gen Mitchell Intl1 day 11:16:32
KAPC, Napa Co1 day 23:48:08
KBWI, Baltimore Washington Intl Thur18:35:23
EBBR, Brussels National26:12:05
EDDM, Munich1 day 10:03:16
KILG, New Castle2 days 24:22:04
KVRB, Vero Beach Mun12:20:30
KSDF, Louisville Intl Standiford19:24:49
KDPA, Dupage2 days 33:24:23
KJAX, Jacksonville Intl1 day 25:33:41
KSAV, Savannah Hilton Head Intl24:33:24
KCHO, Charlottesville Albemarle1 day 15:29:37
KPNE, Northeast Philadelphia1 day 10:44:05
ULLI, Pulkovo19:55:12
CYUL, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudea1 day 27:42:09
EPWA, Chopin1 day 06:47:33
WSSL, Seletar1 day 22:22:27
EDDN, Nuernberg1 day 18:08:57
KRSW, Southwest Florida Intl20:50:54
KTUL, Tulsa Intl2 days 14:08:19
KBUR, Bob Hope18:19:29
KLNK, Lincoln1 day 32:03:24
KMCO, Orlando Intl29:03:01
KMRY, Monterey Peninsula30:06:39
KIND, Indianapolis Intl20:19:08
KJVL, Southern Wisconsin Regl1 day 23:18:47
KABE, Lehigh Valley Intl1 day 33:03:41
EKCH, Kastrup1 day 06:33:31
KFMY, Page1 day 26:40:15
KHWD, Hayward Executive2 days 21:19:17
KPIE, St Petersburg Clearwater Intl1 day 27:17:53
KUAO, Aurora State1 day 13:26:41
LEMG, Costa Del Sol31:49:12
KSTL, Lambert St Louis Intl14:01:04
KMSP, Minneapolis St Paul Intl Wold19:04:11
OEJN, King Abdulaziz Intl1 day 12:09:33
KPWA, Wiley Post3 days 11:13:30
OERK, King Khaled Intl1 day 10:53:58
OMDW, Dubai World Central Intl1 day 21:39:57
CYYC, Calgary Intl2 days 12:49:39
KTRM, Jacqueline Cochran Regl1 day 14:49:32
EDDH, Hamburg09:16:44
KGSO, Piedmont Triad Intl1 day 20:43:40
KTUS, Tucson Intl25:47:35
LIMC, Malpensa1 day 19:31:14
KDEN, Denver Intl08:33:41
KACY, Atlantic City Intl12:50:53
KPSM, Portsmouth Intl At Pease1 day 13:55:07
LTFJ, Sabiha Gokcen1 day 14:02:36
LTBA, Ataturk3 days 11:12:14
KTYS, Mc Ghee Tyson16:42:20
KACK, Nantucket Meml05:27:10
EKBI, Billund2 days 23:47:57
LFBO, Blagnac17:18:50
KSUN, Friedman Meml13:31:37
KHHR, Northrop Hawthorne Mun1 day 21:50:20
KSAN, San Diego Intl13:44:32
KATL, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta I11:30:24
KARR, Aurora Mun2 days 22:00:28
KDFW, Dallas Ft Worth Intl08:56:40
LCLK, Larnaca Intl23:18:35
KCMA, Camarillo2 days 30:08:43
KMSY, Armstrong New Orleans Intl12:24:03
KYIP, Willow Run1 day 13:16:47
MMSD, Los Cabos Intl26:51:23
EBAW, Deurne1 day 34:45:48
LYBE, Nikola Tesla34:35:33
TJSJ, Luis Munoz Marin Intl1 day 13:18:55
EFHK, Vantaa1 day 14:18:01
LIRA, Ciampino21:56:01
KBJC, Rocky Mountain Metropolitan23:52:07
KCAE, Columbia Metro2 days 21:38:55
KICT, Wichita Mid Continent3 days 12:51:33
KJVY, Clark Regl3 days 18:34:44
MYAM, Leonard M Thompson Intl20:54:03
KSTS, Charles M Schulz Sonoma Co20:28:02
LLBG, Ben Gurion21:04:30
EDSB, Karlsruhe Baden Baden2 days 19:05:05
KBOI, Boise Air Terminal Gowen1 day 20:12:34
KILM, Wilmington Intl15:23:16
KRYY, Cobb Co Mc Collum1 day 29:17:55
KMEM, Memphis Intl08:03:25
KCGF, Cuyahoga Co1 day 21:32:57
KNEW, Lakefront11:17:04
EGWU, Northolt12:27:17
KCAK, Akron Canton Regl1 day 19:43:38
MBPV, Providenciales Intl26:19:38
KCXO, Conroe North Houston Regl1 day 31:56:51
GCTS, Reina Sofia11:29:23
KMSN, Dane Co Regl Truax06:21:40
KFAT, Fresno Yosemite Intl1 day 26:36:41
EDDK, Cologne Bonn1 day 09:46:19
KISP, Long Island Mac Arthur2 days 17:44:03
ELLX, Luxembourg28:07:06
ESSB, Bromma2 days 29:51:57
KAVL, Asheville Regl15:04:11
KLGB, Long Beach Daugherty Field2 days 26:33:38
KEYW, Key West Intl14:01:54
YBBN, Brisbane Intl1 day 09:57:45
YSSY, Kingsford Smith Intl1 day 09:59:52
KRNO, Reno Tahoe Intl1 day 07:16:40
UUDD, Domodedovo1 day 27:24:18
KBTR, Baton Rouge Metro Ryan27:11:31
EGCC, Manchester17:44:03
KLVK, Livermore Mun24:24:39
FMEE, Roland Garros12:00:33
KBDL, Bradley Intl1 day 20:42:58
KISM, Kissimmee Gateway25:27:33
EIDW, Dublin Intl20:53:24
OLBA, Rafic Hariri Intl09:04:53
NZAA, Auckland Intl1 day 25:05:35

Share of domestic flights by country

CountryShare, %
United States87.91
New Zealand87.83
South Africa47.54
Russian Federation30.99
Korea (South)22.45
United Kingdom18.63
French Polynesia16.67
Saudi Arabia14.34
Cape Verde13.33
Saint Lucia8.33
Czech Republic7.42
United Arab Emirates7.11
Dominican Republic1.98
Costa Rica1.23
Virgin Islands, U.S.1.14
Turks and Caicos Islands0.99
Puerto Rico0.72

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