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Galaxy's Finest

phone: + 7-STAR-ELI-TE



HQ: Andromeda st. 12, 

New Moscow, Russian Federation

INF-101, Stellar Express, 111112PAX

MO-THER1, Falcon 3000, 50000PAX


AT-LAS.198, MD 600X, 21500PAX

PAL.ADIN2, Falcon 7XX, 17000PAX

W-DOW.X, Fokker 51, 15050PAX

T7-SKY7, Universal 6000, 7100PAX

BT-TLE2000, CRJ300, 19999PAX

X11-D1, BBBJ, 25000PAX

RAID_ER, Falcon 900SLX, 11100PAX

AV-ENGER.9, King Air 950, 5000PAX

CCD-CCP, ReBell UH1, 8000PAX

Star Elite is a highly experienced company which provides high performance aircraft support to government and corporate clients. We offer tailor made solutions in electronic warfare training, target towing, radar calibration and sensor with monitoring services. Star Elite also supports a number of renowned research institutes by providing stellar assets for in-flight testing of advanced technology.

Star Elite operates a variety of modern stellar assets from its home base New Moscow, Russian Federation. We have conducted operations in Alpha Centauri, Corona Borealis for over 250 years and we will continue to do so in close cooperation with our customers. Our team ensures that our services are delivered on time and on budget according to customer demand.

The core values that define us as a company are flexibility, customer orientation and quality. A small, agile company, Star Elite has highly motivated and qualified personnel, a majority of whom have a military background and possess recent relevant operational experience. In addition, we can build upon a strong network of connections within the defence industry and armed forces.

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