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Beechcraft King Air 250


Class Turboprop
Max passengers 8
Typical Speed 481.52 km/h
260 kts
Range 2193 km
1184 nmi
Cabin height 1.45 m
Cabin width 1.37 m
Cabin length 5.08 m
A rugged aircraft capable of flying into the smallest and most-remote airfields, with a relatively comfortable cabin, The King Air 250 has a maximum range of 1,720nm* – far enough to fly between Houston and Seattle or London and Istanbul. Two Pratt & Whitney turboprop engines deliver a maximum speed of 357mph – making the King Air 250 relatively fast for a turboprop. The King Air 250 is built for rugged and remote missions. Its landing gear allows the aircraft to utilize unimproved airstrips – meaning passengers can land close to their final destinations. This makes the King Air 250 a great choice for businesses with interests in natural resources. The engines are rated to ISA+37 – meaning it can still perform in hot and high conditions – allowing passengers to fly into or from airports such as Denver, Mexico City or La Paz, even at the height of summer.

One of the most impressive features of the 250 is the quietness of the cabin. Vibration dampeners reduce the level of noise from the turboprop engines, allowing for a more peaceful journey for passengers – making the cabin a great working environment. The legendary comfort of the King Air’s square-oval interior offers generous head and shoulder room, unmatched by conventional cabin cross sections. The King Air 250 interior is furnished with finely crafted seats that are able to laterally track, swivel and recline. The interior features a refreshment centre with two fridges, two hot-drink dispensers and drawers. The cabin also includes WiFi connectivity, two foldaway worktables and power outlets.


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