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Beechcraft King Air 200


Class Turboprop
Max passengers 8
Typical Speed 481.52 km/h
260 kts
Range 2156 km
1164 nmi
Cabin height 1.45 m
Cabin width 1.37 m
Cabin length 5.08 m
Luggage volume 1.6 m³
The Beechcraft Super King Air family is part of a line of twin-turboprop aircraft produced by Beechcraft. The King Air 200 is a continuation of the King Air line, with new features including the distinctive T-tail, more powerful engines, greater wing area and span, increased cabin pressurization, greater fuel capacity and higher operating weights compared to the previous models

A pure jet aircraft is, of course, significantly faster, but on a 500-nm flight, the difference in flight time is on the order of 20-30 minutes. There are other turboprop advantages. These aircraft are not banned from certain noise-sensitive airports. Other features of the relatively new aircraft are comfort, an extremely quiet cabin, extraordinary stability, excellent control response and beauty. There’s no denying that the T-tail gives the Super King Air a long, lean, aesthetically pleasing profile.

The aircraft is also well suited to the varying demands of air traffic control. Because of relatively high landing-gear and flap speeds , this sleek machine can slow down in a hurry and fly the pattern with slower, single-engine aircraft.

When the original Model 90 King Air was introduced, it was difficult to imagine how the basic design could be substantially improved. But it has been. The Super King Air is a super airplane and an outstanding example of a family of superior aircraft.


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