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Challenger 601-3A

Class Heavy
Max. passengers 10
Year of production 1988 lock icon Premium
Serial number 5019
Homebase CYUL (YUL), Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudea
Cabin height 1.86 m
Cabin width 2.49 m
Cabin length 8.63 m
Luggage volume 3.26 m³
3 divan seats
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Satellite phone
Entertainment system
The wide-body Bombardier Challenger 601 has set the standard for comfort, productivity and value in executive jet travel. It is designed, built and operated to fly reliably and safely, while transporting passengers in style and comfort. Powered by proven General Electric turbofan engines, the Challenger 601 has the ability to fly 3600 statute miles non-stop from Canada to anywhere in the continental United States, Eastern Europe or South America and has a maximum cruise speed of 520 mph. It features the widest cabin in its class – standing at six feet in cabin height with approximately 1,035 cubic feet of cabin space. This 9-10-passenger aircraft includes a cordless satellite telephone communication system and in-flight entertainment system with multiple large and personal flat screen monitors.