Dornier 328

Tamara Niger Aviation
Class Airliner
Max. passengers 33
Homebase DRRN (NIM), Diori Hamani Intl
Cabin height 1.86 m
Cabin width 2.19 m
Cabin length 10.27 m
Luggage volume 6.38 m³
Medical ramp
Adult critical care
Tamara Niger Aviation newest addition is a Dornier 328-110 type aircraft.
It is a modern turboprop airliner with 33 seats, providing a comfortable pressurized environment. The spacious cabin accommodates 33 passengers and can be rearranged for cargo or medevac (10 stretchers).
The version operated by Tamara Niger Aviation (328-110) raises the bar in terms of increased MTOW and extended range.
The Dornier 328-110 is the best choice for carrying up to 33 passengers. The highly comfortable cabin offers ample headroom and seats with good legroom. With this aircraft, you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing journey.