Rectrix MRO Westfield

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

KBAF (BAF), Westfield-Barnes Rgnl

32 Airport Drive Westfield, MA 01085
With almost 30 years of experience and recognized as an industry leader, Rectrix MRO by AirFlyte at KBAF provides everything you need and expect for a first in class maintenance organization.

Our determination to remain at the forefront is the reason why the most reputable 91, 91K, and 135 operators have selected Rectrix MRO by AirFlyte as their service provider of choice. Our facility at KBAF is FAA Approved Repair Station #QFYR349K.
Scheduled inspections and maintenance
RVSM qualified pitot-static and transponder testing
Battery capacity testing & analysis
Emergency AOG repairs
Phase and docket inspections
ELT installation and testing
Engine overhaul assistance and replacement
Corrosion inspection