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YouCanJet is a comprehensive private jet charter application that makes it easy to submit your flight preferences for an upcoming trip, browse and compare competitively priced quotes from local operators, and pay to book a jet with no hassle. YouCanJet guarantees reliability without the membership and zero-risk of jet unavailability when booking a trip.

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This is a courageous plan by British visionary Richard Branson, who finances the development of a new civilian supersonic aircraft. The visual concept of this machine XB-1 was introduced to the public in November 2016. The first commercial flight should take place in 2023 and the estimated price of a single ticket is 2.500 £. This plane was named Baby Boom. It will fly at a speed of 2.335 km/h, which is roughly 2,2-times the speed of the sound. On board may be 40 passengers. For the longer pr...