SABA Airways

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We regain and we offer your time, we will relieve the daily stress of lack of time. 

If a car ride lasts an average of 3 hours, a helicopter Saba Airways lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. 

Want to have a great weekend at Prahova Valley but traffic on Friday afternoon terrifies you?

We are here to play a part in relaxation. 

Problems associated with commercial airlines, such as delays, inflexible schedules, missed connections, flight overbooking, lack of easy connections between two locations, overcrowded traffic jam, are just some of the challenges faced by many business travelers.

Solutions offered by Saba Airways will solve all these problems. For all business, VIP flights or transfer flights Saba Airways will get you to your destination safely, making connections between airports and various locations throughout Romania.

Our helicopter flights are personalized. We can do almost anything, as long as what we ask for is compatible with air safety standards and legislation in Romania. 

Time saved, reliability and flexibility: these are the major advantages of passenger transport by helicopter. Saba Airways will provide transportation to and from one or more destinations in Romania, always choosing the shortest route.

phone +40 755 048 050
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Ploiesti, Romania

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