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Nearly 20 years, the team Insat-Aero offers its customers a variety of flight options worldwide.

Insat Aero was founded in 1993. Company's initial services were VIP flight organization and long-term aircraft rent. Service pool increased together with business aircraft experience. New services like aircraft management soon appeared. First managed aircraft were russian Yak-40 and Tu-134. Insat's fleet began to increase with modern business jets when foreign manufacturers entered russian market.

Insat Aero soon began to provide handling support to European operators in Moscow airports and actively consult and accompany aicraft purchase deals. Insat's current fleet consists of 3 aircraft: Challenger 604, Global Express XRS manufactured by Canadian Bombardier and Legacy 600 by Brazilian Embraer.

Company plans to increase its fleet, create its own operator and increase the volume of individual flights on planes and helicopters as well.

phone +7 495 646 92 32
P.O Box 3321, Drake Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Road Town, Virgin Islands, British
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