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Flight request: 31 Jul ESGG-CYOW 4PAX; 01 Aug CYOW-KTEB 0PAX; 02 Aug KTEB-LFPB 1PAX

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1. 31/07/2022 ESGG - CYOW ETD 0900LT 4PAX
2. 01/08/2022 CYOW - KTEB ETD 1200LT 0PAX
3. 02/08/2022 KTEB - LFPB ETD 1000LT 1PAX

Aircraft: Super midsize
These are 2 separate one-ways. Middle flight is an empty re-position leg. If you want to re-position on 31 July, then the return flight to Paris can be made a day earlier, on 01 August. Fuel stops OK.

Email: charter@charterjetintl.com