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EDDH: Prior Permission Required 05 JUL-05 OCT18. Impact: Slight.

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A3695/18 Valid from: 05 Jul 2018 0638 LT (05 Jul 2018 0438 UTC) Valid till: 05 Oct 2018 0159 LT (04 Oct 2018 2359 UTC) (Estimated, Valid until cancelled or replaced) NOTAM message PRIOR PERMISSION REQUIRED (PPR) FOR ALL FLIGHTS WITH INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION (ICAO) AERODROME REFERENCE CODE LETTER C, F EXCEPT SCHEDULE COMMERCIAL FLIGHTS. TELEPHONE +49 (0) 40 5075 1110 OR VVD(AT)HAM.AIRPORT.DE. Area of influence: 53.38N 9.59E, R 9 km (5 NM) More details: This NOTAM (ID A3695) issued in 2018 replaces NOTAM (ID A1577) issued in 2018 Purpose: Immediate attention, PIB entry, Operationally significant for IFR flights Scope: Aerodrome Significant for IFR and VFR traffic Original Notam A3695/18 NOTAMR A1577/18 Q) EDWW/QFALT/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5338N00959E005 A) EDDH B) 1807050438 C) 1810042359 EST E) PPR FOR ALL FLIGHTS WITH ICAO AERODROME REFERENCE CODE LETTER C-F EXC SKED COMMERCIAL FLIGHTS. TEL +49 (0) 40 5075 1110 OR VVD(AT)HAM.AIRPORT.DE.