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Aviapages BizAv News Digest. New project in MBRAH | Auctioned Falcon 2000 | Merge of Ross Aviation | Global 7500 - 1000th delivery | Aviapages PRO

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New hangar project In Dubai World Central airport

The Dubai Airshow yields results – President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airlines, the Chairman of Dubai Airports and Comlux, one of the leaders in the business aviation industry, has announced the signing of an agreement with Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub. This group of professionals is going to develop a hangar facility at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub that spreads across 12,000 square meters of land. The facility will accommodate two ACJ and BBJ family aircraft types simultaneously, including the new ACJ TwoTwenty. The hangar should be fully operational by mid-2023. Comlux subsidiary Comlux Tech will provide its Middle East customers with EASA Part 145- and UAE Part 145-approved maintenance services, cabin upgrades, and refurbishments, showing a new level of service working on their VIP aircraft.

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Falcon 2000 goes auctioned due to evading import tax

One of nine Falcons 2000 seized in 2012 on charges of evading import tax goes to auction under the order of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Agency. In 2012, nine business jets owned and used by Brazilians were arrested because the aircraft were registered overseas to avoid the Latin American country’s aircraft import taxes of nearly 35 percent. Foreign-registered aircraft can remain in Brazil for up to 60 days without paying import duties. Today, the minimum bid for the Falcon is around 408 000 USD. That is less than half the sum of hangarage fees for all these years. According to photos in the auction catalogue, the Falcon shows gleaming cabin woodwork, leather seats, and a gold-plated lavatory sink, but there are some cautions as missing—logbook, engines, and airframe, among others—and that four tires are flat. The aircraft’s best value is as parts, said the appraiser, and once auctioned, it becomes legal in Brazil.

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One of the greatest merges – Atlantic Aviation takes under brand Ross Aviation

Atlantic Aviation, one of the biggest FBO networks in the USA, announced the great merge of Ross Aviation, an FBO network across the United States and Caribbean. Atlantic Aviation will get under its brand 19 facilities, including three airports where it has two separate FBOs. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2022. The deal increases Atlantic’s footprint to nearly 90 locations in the U.S. and Caribbean.

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Global 7500 - 1st in Netjets fleet and 1000th delivered to customer

The Netjets company achieved a milestone by delivering to its fleet the first Global 7500 of those 20 they ordered. The aircraft became the 1000th global delivered to a customer by Bombardier. Bombardier CEO and President Éric Martel said that this double celebration sees their flagship aircraft become NetJets’ flagship business jet, and that’s a signature moment for all of them, as they cap off a remarkable year in aviation. At the moment, Global is the largest and quietest aircraft in the NetJets fleet, and with a 14,260 km range, NetJets owners and customers will be able to fly from New York to Beijing or San Francisco to Sydney without refueling stops.

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Aviapages goes PRO

Aviapages is going to launch PRO subscriptions with additional benefits for customers in the first quarter of 2022. This should help new participants in the industry to be involved faster in the system and business, as well as "fathers" of the market to get the possibility to use all the potential of the platform and digitize their business. We believe that only a PRO-active and PROgressive position can make you a real PROfessional.