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2022 Quest Kodiak 100 S/N: TBD R/N: tbd with TTAF:0 is for sale by Exclusive Aircraft Sales

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The 2022 Kodiak 100 Series III is the next generation in continuous improvement. With a smarter, pilot-friendly cockpit, improved situational awareness and safety, more comfort for all passengers. The aircraft is float-ready with standard equipped pitch latch propeller and lower fuselage skin gap fillet sealant, and the industry-leading Kodiak Care Maintenance program, which covers scheduled maintenance up to the 4th annual or up to 1,000 hours flight time - you’re going to love the new Series III. We're proud to be your Kodiak dealer for the Upper Midwest! Our territory includes Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Price: Call for Price

Source: Aircraftexchange