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Cessna Citation CJ1

Cessna Aircraft Company

Class Light
Max passengers 5
Typical Speed 698.204 km/h
377 kts
Range 3111 km
1680 nmi
Cabin height 1.45 m
Cabin width 1.47 m
Cabin length 3.35 m
Luggage volume 1.56 m³
The CJ1 is the second generation of the extremely successful Citation Jet series. It comes with all of the advantages that the original Citation Jet offered, but with improvements in economy and performance. Its status as the second generation Citation gives the advantage of using a private jet design that has been tested and modified to exceed the success of the first model – the Citation Jet.

The design goals of the Citation Jet can be summed up in three words: simplicity, economy, and performance. Previous Citations had used a straight wing, which slows the aircraft considerably but dramatically reduces production and design costs. The Citation Jet upgraded to a natural laminar flow wing, which took four years to design in a joint venture between Cessna and NASA.

Despite the CJ1’s economy in flight, it allows for a surprisingly high payload. Its three baggage compartments can carry up to a total of 832 pounds of luggage. The CJ1 was specifically designed to be able to operate on short runways. The alterations to its predecessor, Citation Jet, including the payload capacity and maximum takeoff weight, resulted in better range/payload flexibility, subsequently offering more options in flight planning. The most surprising result of the significant increase in payload is that the CJ1 is actually faster than the Citation Jet.

Seats are available for five passengers, and the full-length dropped aisle gives the cabin a roomier feel. The double-sealed door uses a fastening system similar to that of a vault, which reduces cabin noise

The CJ1 is ideal for small companies and individuals looking for an economical private jet for short-range missions, usually a little over one hour. For example, nonstop flights with five passengers include Los Angeles to Aspen and Washington, D.C. to Miami.


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