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Cessna Citation Sovereign+

Cessna Aircraft Company

Class Super midsize
Max passengers 9
Range 5900 km
3186 nmi
Cabin height 1.73 m
Cabin width 1.68 m
Cabin length 7.7 m
Luggage volume 3.82 m³
Excellent short field performance, cabin comfort, low acquisition cost and a truly worldwide support network make the Sovereign+ a strong competitor in the mid-size market. A twin engine mid-size business jet capable of flying 3,000 nautical miles, the Sovereign+ is an upgrade to the original Citation Sovereign that features updated engines, a new Garmin avionics suite, and redesigned supercritical wings that feature winglets for the first time in the family.

The Sovereign+ might not be the fastest aircraft in its class, or have the furthest range, but fully loaded it can still take you and 5 of your closest friends 3,000 nm at 458 kts. That’s enough to reach all parts of Europe from London, all of the continental US, Canada and Mexico from New York, and all of China from Beijing.

Short field performance is where the Sovereign+ really shines, needing almost 800 ft less runway than its closest competitors to get airborne, which means that the aircraft can operate from smaller airports. Landing distance at Maximum Landing Weight is impressive as well, needing only 2,650 ft to come to a standstill.

The Sovereign+ does not have the largest cabin diameter in the mid-size aircraft sector, but despite this the original Sovereign has been praised by operators for its level of comfort. Cessna have redesigned the seats in the Sovereign+, introducing recessed armrests to give more room in the isle, and a new Cabin Management System is introduced that integrates with smartphones and tablets, and includes airborne Internet so that you can remain in contact mid flight.

On the surface a 150nm range boost doesn’t seem significant, but the added range does allow the aircraft to be a true transcontinental aircraft capable of crossing from one end of the US to the other without the need for stopping for fuel.

In short, Cessna set out to build a private jet that would meet the needs of private jet business travelers in range and speed while keeping costs low and performance high.


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