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Airbus ACJ319


Class VIP airliner
Max passengers 19
Typical Speed 833.4 km/h
450 kts
Range 11112 km
6000 nmi
Cabin height 2.25 m
Cabin width 3.7 m
Cabin length 24.01 m
Luggage volume 8.0 m³
It is all about the cabin. Passengers get to travel in ultimate luxury and comfort. ACJs also depreciate well and have similar operating costs to large cabin business jets. The aircraft is extremely reliable but if you need maintenance pretty much every significant airport in the world has maintenance capability to work on an ACJ. The ACJ319 has a maximum range of just under 6 thousand nautical miles far enough to fly from New York to Doha, Hong Kong to Seattle or Los Angeles to Auckland non-stop.

A service ceiling of 41,000ft means the ACJ319 can’t fly above all bad weather, but its range allows it to fly round. A maximum operating speed of Mach 0.82 is respectable for a business jet, and it ensures passengers get to their destination quickly. Measuring at 78ft 4in long, 12ft 1in wide and 7ft 4in high, the cabin is truly spacious and provides ample space. A typical VIP configuration will seat around 8 passengers, according to Airbus. High-density cabins typically have capacity for 19 passengers.

Interior features can include showers, dining rooms, offices, a lounge and a master bedroom – all split into different cabin zones. High-end entertainment systems and wet galleys are also normal for such aircraft. However, this is all dependant on what the owner wants.


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